Microsoft Insider: Sony Never Saw It Coming But Expect Good Things From Them

From the infamous NeoGaf forums, Chespace - a widely trusted source connected with Microsoft unsurprisingly paid a visit to the forums after the confirmation of the announcement that crashed several gaming message boards.

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vegnadragon3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Good, hopefully now they will open their eyes.

riqued3962d ago

Sony owns about 10% of SE, how could they not see it coming? They knew it and they probably will do something tomorrow to counter this.

Premonition3962d ago

you know what would be funny if the insder didnt know sony really knew and are just putting one over him for what they have in store for tomorrow.

AllahAkbar3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Think of it as Lord of the Ring. Microsoft is the ring, no man can handle it. Whoever Microsoft comes by with the ring, is who will drown by it with greed. They are the darkness that attempts to rule this world. At first all hope may seem lost, one day the light will shine, one day sony will shine; that day is tomorrow. In the end the ring is destroyed; destroyed for good by good, destroyed by Sony.

iamtehpwn3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

20 disagrees!

Final Fantasy XIII will require more power than what the entire 360 is even capable of. Just 3 measely cores in the 360 just doesn't cut it.


freakyzeeky3962d ago

Wouldn't the ring Microsoft have destroy itself since it contains the fatal red lights? Like 3 of them on that ring? ;)

gambare3962d ago

Some notes delivered to the developers showed that sony allowed the multiplat franchise of FFXIII because the title was too expensive, but part of the agreement with microsoft was limited to US and EU, sony retained the exclusive in Japan and the first launch. It wasn't a choice made just by Squenix, it was an agreement with microsoft, sony and squenix, FFXIII was on the edge of being canceled.

deeznuts3961d ago

That dude Chespace said this further down:

Q - If they didn't know it was coming, it's too late to counter isn't it?

Chespace - Nah, Sony will have their own guns to bring out for E3. Wait for it.

We'll find out tomorrow.

Bloodwar3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Sony owns 10 percent of SE? Is it possible that tomorrow at E3, the big news out of the Sony camp is that they are going to sell their 10 percent of SE? No way! Say it ain't so.

AT 1.5 Haven't we already been through all of this. The PS3 doesn't have the technical advantage over the Xbox 360. The two consoles have differing advantages, but at the end of the day, the two consoles are about equal. Check out the stats on the two consoles and you will see that there are some strengths and weaknesses of the two consoles. And if you were paying attention to the MS camp yesterday at E3 you will know that the Xbox 360 games are going to be playable in a higher resolution than 1080p thanks to our fall update. You should look online for some of the other things coming out of the Live Fall Update, such as grouping up with 8 friends on Live and jumping from any game onto the next game and playing together or downloading a movie from Netflix onto one player's 360 console and all 8 of the players viewing the movie together no matter where in the US they live. And of course, who can forget that all of the Xbox 360 games from DAY 1 have supported voice and text chat, in or out of the game. Not the case with the PS3, now is it?

And if what gambare says is true then all of the FF fans sitting on the Sony side should be thankful MS, Sony and SE talked it over and decided that the game was going to go multiplat. Looks to me like this game might be the most expensive video game ever made and that they wanted to ensure that it meets maximum financial targets as possible. Going multiplat would cover the 100 or 200 million dollar cost of developing the game. I am sure it will be time released on the PC too, since MS and its Games for Windows is such a big success running along side Xbox 360.

Superfragilistic3961d ago

Sony own 8.6% of Square, and as such have no influence on day to day business decisions such as this. They only have corporate voting power for mergers, CEO pay, etc...

If Sony knew they wouldn't have pushed FFXIII leading up to E3 and would've tried to have neutered the MS megaton by announcing the series had gone multipltaform themselves prior to E3.

But Sony fans shouldn't worry. There's still surprises for them as well. :)

Panthers3961d ago

What can I say? Good call. I gave you a bubble ;)

Real Gambler3961d ago

I kind of agree with you, but I also agree with Gambare. Somehow, I'm pretty sure Sony knew about it, or at least about the fact that Microsoft was talking to Square Enix. But for sure, they didn't had much time to get ready since it's likely something that happened only very very recently.

Why? Simply because they said they didn't even started working on the 360 version yet, and looking at the rest of Microsoft keynote, they really, really needed something big this year and that's what they came up with. (sadly now, this mean the PS3 version will come out much later because of that).

I don't think any money switched pockets in that deal, but I can guess that it went like that: Look at Microsoft keynote and remove the FF part. Do you find anything impressive? Mii? Most people don't even want them. Netflix? Most people have a PC or cable box (sharing is interesting though). Status and date release for Fable, Fallout and Gears? All things we knew about already. Game install? Ouch. Basically, without FF, that keynote would have been truly horrible (so long, yet basically nothing we didn't knew about). So what happenened is this: In the last few weeks, Microsoft went to SE and told them, we have the installed base, we will give you all the extra tools and help you need to port this game over to the 360. They knew that it was a good business decision for SE and it probably didn't took much else to convince them. Devs are there to make money. And Microsoft got something nice to say in their keynote. Win-Win situation. Only bad thing is the fact that PS3 owners will have to wait for their game now.

Biggest thing I'm wondering about? Did Square Enix had a lot to do in the announcement that games will now have install? I would think so. Most devs were likely pushing for this already, but SE probably was the last big drop. Microsoft had to announce it anyway eventually. And that's were I think they were the brightest. That's the worst thing they could have announce in history. Proving that not putting a harddrive in all their consoles was stupid and pissing up Arcade owners. Yet, by announcing it with the FF bomb, it did slip through nicely, and unnoticed. Another smart move from Microsoft. Not mandatory install first, but not for long for sure. Next announcement from them will be the $200 320gig harddrive and phasing out of the 120gig. Likely today or tomorrow.

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-Maverick-3962d ago

Sony will have a very big E3 also tommorow. It's only good gamers : )

Shaka2K63962d ago

And it would still be better then the terrible microsuck show, it was dull,boring and there was nothing new.

LuHawk3962d ago

Sony is going to show Shaka2k6 licking their ass

Mr Fancy Pants3962d ago

lets be honest, the MS conference was really boring the only thing worth mentioning was FFXIII multi-plat. nobody cares about netflix or the crappy avatar thing and there weren't even good games to show; FFXIII was the game that saved that boring conference.

don't believe me? go and do a trip on some forums, everybody it's talking about FFXIII coming for X360 nothing more. if it weren't for that game the conference would had be a disaster.

CallOfWar223961d ago

If they can recover from the shock. Ummm. We're announcing LBP with trophies and yea 4 more games will get trophies this year only on PS3!!!! Their probably on the phone with Kojima on their hands and knees saying please dont do this to us. Dont put our only exclusive WORTH WATCHING on the 360. I'll tell you I just got through Act 2 in metal gear and saw Raiden whip the bots and get stabbed by Vamp then taken on an air plane while lil girl makes eggs for everyone. That shiz lasted for atleast 30 to 45 mins. Kojima please dont release metal gear for 360. Just release MGO for like 40 bucks on the 360. I guarantee you it will be a bigger success on the 360. WoW MGO with actual Mic support where people dont have to rely on reading to communicate. What a concept! Just do it so i can get rid of the ps3 already!

Pain3961d ago

You Cant See Money trading behind closed doors.

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Silogon3962d ago

Expect Sony to have their conference inside home and further distance themselves from new adopters.

Lets go over what we know about Sony.

1 - They have no 3rd party exclusives
2 - They have no 3rd party loyalty
3 - They have no online plan to match live
4 - They have mandatory installs of 5gb a pop
5 - They don't care about selling anymore systems, just making profit.
6 - They are losing Insomniac as an exclusive developer after Resistance 2 is done.
7 - They lack unified ram
8 - they don't have in game music or full in game xmb
9 - they're losing mgs4 as an exclusive
10 - they lost ff13

want me to go on? I can, believe me. Don't expect anything big from these idiots. They're morons and just because someone says "expect big things cause they're not ones to sit around" bull $#*T they're not. They sat around while all the 3rd party companies axed game exclusivity left and right for the ps3 and then furthered it and axed some of their own games.

Sony wanted to be Sony this gen, then realised no one was buying that so they wanted to be Nintendo and now all Sony wants to be is in the black again. They envy Microsoft 100%. Don't kid yourselves.

ThatCanadianGuy3962d ago

alrighty,copy and saved.Cant wait for your reaction tommrow.

LoVeRSaMa3962d ago

You will be eating your words tomorrow =]

Dacapn3962d ago

At least he dropped his neutral act and finally showed he's raging fanboy.

xhairs93962d ago

Stop talking out of your ass.

No 3rd party loyalty? Money != friends.

No online plan to match live? Lol, what do you call HOME?

Installs will be required of DD so why not start it off now? The mandatory installs take a whopping 5 mins tops to get through -- it's better than swapping discs in FFVIII.

It's not about making profit, it's about not losing all your money.

Resistence 2 will forever be an exclusive for the PS3, and will top Halo.

Lack of unified ram? You don't even know hardware so why bring up a point that you can't back up? The lack of unified ram is not a fault of the PS3 as clearly shown by MGS4 (which might I add still looks better than any 360 game to date).

Full in game xmb? We have what we need, what are we missing? No in game music? It's up to the developer, I could care less might I add considering it is a GAME CONSOLE not a media center, right?

Good luck getting MGS4 considering there will be many many many things that need changed within the game to make it 360 playable (that one was a complete shart on your side, better clean your panties).

Lost FF13? No, not quite, you're only getting 1/2 of the FULL 2 games. Even at that, you're getting it a year or maybe longer after we'll already have beaten it. Not to mention, we're still getting the game so we haven't lost anything.

You should go get your DLC for GTA4 while you're waiting for replies, you know, since you're still playing that game and all...

kazuma3962d ago

what insomniac? jesus dwd...

Silogon3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )


copy and paste this, please.

tomorrow you will see the following from Sony.

Little big Planet
resistance 2
Killzone 2, which they'll end the show with like it's still a big deal to us. as if we're in for such a treat.
Motorstorm 1.5

That is Sony's show and as I stated in other threads they might stoop down and reach for glory deep inside Nintendo's anal cavity and produce a knock off wiimote for us.

I see Sony focusing on PSP and PS2 since they are the most profitable for the company and I see Sony leaving their fans in a state of shock when they realise Sony didn't have a big bang for the show, rather they'll elude to Trade show 08 at the end of the summer/start of fall.

Watch and see. I know Sony like clock work, believe me. We will get Legend of Dragoon 2: Wrath Wielder tomorrow and that is it. Oh and don't forget my prediction that god of War COO will be on ps2 before the end of the year as well.

Sure we will see GOW3 but it won't have any gameplay at all. It'll be a trailer with the name and the roman numerals for 3/III

I'm right, guys and in being so it's not the show you all want.

Surfman3962d ago

Silogon, you know sometime you can shut your mouth, you have the right for it. And its free.

juuken3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

Oh *SILLYgon*, how you amuse me so.

1 - They have no 3rd party exclusives- And yet they have a sh*tload of 1st party companies.
2 - They have no 3rd party loyalty-Looking too much into that crystal ball?
3 - They have no online plan to match live-Um...HOME. Dumbass.
4 - They have mandatory installs of 5gb a pop-Which doesn't bother the average PS3 owner since they go by pretty fast.
5 - They don't care about selling anymore systems, just making profit.-That's not true. They care about profit, meaning that they *do* want to sell games as well. Hirai has mentioned already that the PS3 is first and foremost a gaming console. Meaning that Sony will kick some ass at E3.
6 - They are losing Insomniac as an exclusive developer after Resistance 2 is done.- Can I borrow your crystal ball?
7 - They lack unified ram-Full of sh*t.
8 - they don't have in game music or full in game xmb-That stuff will come soon in a firmware update. XMB will evolve overtime.
9 - they're losing mgs4 as an exclusive- Konami prefers the PS3. They have said this a million times dipsh*t.
10 - they lost ff13- No they didn't. Microsoft shot themselves in the foot with FFXIII BECAUSE IT WILL NOT SELL WELL ON THE 360! Plus, the PS3 gets the exclusive first.


Let me repeat that.


3962d ago
ThatCanadianGuy3962d ago (Edited 3962d ago )

But sillygon..that doesnt make sense..

first it was there gonna say this..

"1 - They have no 3rd party exclusives
2 - They have no 3rd party loyalty
3 - They have no online plan to match live
4 - They have mandatory installs of 5gb a pop
5 - They don't care about selling anymore systems, just making profit.
6 - They are losing Insomniac as an exclusive developer after Resistance 2 is done.
7 - They lack unified ram
8 - they don't have in game music or full in game xmb
9 - they're losing mgs4 as an exclusive
10 - they lost ff13"

And now it's this instead?

"Little big Planet
resistance 2
Killzone 2

Yeah,we already know that...

damn man,you got some serious split-personality issues.
Get help.

Varsarus3961d ago

lack of unified ram?

Do you even know what that has done to the 360?, it's cut the memory bandwidth to less than half of what the PS3 has....aswell as the CPU & GPU always have to fight against eachother for it...

karlostomy3961d ago (Edited 3961d ago )

Those SDF are sure angrier than a 'damn angry beehive' at the recent loss of FFXIII exclusivity....

If only they had a 360 they could play great games instead of being angry all the time...

oh.wait.. except juuken. She got PMS 24/7 and therefore she angry ALL the time. :(

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Real gamer 4 life3962d ago

I don't belive this. Square enix must have given Sony some indication that the game was going multiplatform.

PirateThom3962d ago

I'd be very surprised if Sony weren't aware, there's no way they just found out while watching the conference. They've probably known for a while now.

Torch3962d ago

They may not have liked it, but they definitely knew.

It certainly ain't the sort of news Sony is going to be parading around and promoting.

mavent3962d ago

Sony Own 10% of Square Enix, so if they didn't know this was coming, they're going to file a lawsuit against the Square-Enix officers and board of directors

gogators3962d ago

they wouldn't be necessarily prevy to what Square is deciding with their games. EA is a minorit investor in Ubisoft, and they can't necessarily control or be prevy to what Ubisoft does. As minority investors EA and Sony get investor/stock holder payouts if they are give yearly or quarterly like some companies will do based on overall profits.

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