Robocop versus Terminator for Nintendo Entertainment System Now Available

Carl Williams writes, "Unreleased titles that receive unofficial releases by fans are a dubious endeavor to say the least. For most gamers it is a very wide gray area that they are sometimes fine with traversing depending on the title(s) in question. For many, an unofficial Star Fox 2 on cartridge release is worthwhile, but how many feel the same for say, Robocop versus Terminator on the Nintendo Entertainment System?"

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KiwiViper851519d ago

Equal favourite game on Megadrive, the other being Batman Returns.

3-4-51519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

Wow...hadn't thought of this game since I played it back in the day.

Good memories.

I owned the Other Robocop game I think...had to rent this one.

wait.....maybe it was the other OTHER robocop game I was thinking about.....hmmm too many.

CorndogBurglar1519d ago

This game was so awesome and so ahead of its time.

The-Marb1519d ago

Corrr...been years since I played this.

mkis0071519d ago

Never got passed the first future boss. Still loved it.

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