House of Wolves May Be Destiny's Last Chance

House of Wolves is Destiny's last chance.

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Eddie201011519d ago

Destiny's doing very well. Still selling very well.

TomShoe1519d ago

As much as people don't like it, Destiny isn't going away anytime soon. Bungie & Activision signed a 10 year deal.

The best we can hope for is that Destiny 2 fixes the mistakes of the original. It still has heaps of potential and is still a fundamentally fun game.

Seraphim1519d ago

I don't think it's so much that people dislike Destiny. It's that at the end of the day those who do realize how shallow it is and grow bored. Obviously early on there was much dislike and I suppose even to this day you get some pissing on the game but by large it's the veterans complaining most. Generally speaking the game itself, while incredibly weak, is absolutely incredible and the game play is spot on. IMHO you can't ask for much better control from a console shooter.

That being said you are absolutely correct. Destiny isn't going away anytime soon and hopefully Destiny 2 addresses many of the issues. Both trivial and of importance. More gear, weapons, shaders, vault space, more Raids, Strikes, Planets, areas to play on said planets and so on.

There was a time before The Dark Below I thought this was a game I was going to lose countless days to like FFXI and WoW before it. RNG sucks, trying so hard and failing to obtain IceBreaker and G-Horn were gruesomely frustrating but luckily enough I obtained all the goodies. At the end of the day the strike dubbed Raid of Crota's End fell short, bounties grew tiresome and were done by default, etc. The world and scope were simply too small for this game and what was promised. I'm probably in the minority but Destiny is a game I would have happily payed a monthly fee to play; say $10/mo. If it ensured that we got the content out the box, constant additions between expansions, true expansions these not weak ass DLC updates, actual fixes to bugs created by fixing cheeses, and so on. While I put the game down almost 2 months ago the fact remains the game is great. it simply grows boring with limited reasons to play and limited areas to enjoy. Guess being off work and making Destiny my job didn't help in my early departure. For me though I bought the Pass so House of Wolves is my last go. If that doesn't give me reason to keep playing Destiny while off work after surgery then I have no intention of buying this Huge Expansion come Fall when I will hopefully be back to work.

JeffGUNZ1518d ago

I agree. This is so dumb. They say this all the time, especially when a new game comes out. This game excels at being addictive. I don't know what the house of wolves will be like but if it's better then TDB I'll be happy. I am not looking for groundbreaking DLC, just signs they are listening and improving. Comet will be the one I follow closely. They need to implement A LOT of content there.

Spinal1518d ago

Destiny is still a hundred times better than The Order. Let that just sink in....

Before they respond with 'You don't have a PS4!' lemme just end your dream here, I'm currently playin GTA 5 on PS4, completed TLOU Remastered (First playthrough) & Infamous Second Son so far on my console.

wakeNbake1519d ago

Destiny may be a turd, but its a very lucrative, popular turd. It doesnt need a last chance.

objdadon1519d ago

Last chance for what exactly?? It's still well alive and kicking with millions of a core fanbase now.

ReNe9aaDe1519d ago

Honestly i think the 2nd round of DLC should be a much more complete package. One Raid and one strike or two for ps4 are just not enough. I think 4 strikes and a raid are fine as strikes add replay-ability to a repetitive game.
a slew of good useful exotics is also needed as Ghorn is just so overwhelmingly powerful it makes me never equip any other exotic weapon.
Many more exotic bounties and bounties in general that are raid related should be available.
the game should be less grinding more rewarding. Less repetitive more intuitive. That being said it's still the most fun with friends for me.

JeffGUNZ1518d ago

I basically just rotate G-Horn as my most used exotic then Thunderlord.

jjb19811519d ago

The grinding is bit too much to invest in destiny when there are so many new games coming out. I stopped playing in December.

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