Final Fantasy XV: Episode Duscae Review - The Behemoth vs The Boyband

Dealspwn writes: It's highly unlikely we'll see Final Fantasy XV released this year as it's apparently only around 60% complete. So it was a great surprise to hear that Square-Enix were releasing a lengthy demo for it. Well, if you bought an copy of Final Fantasy Type-0 that is.

So let's dive into this vertical slice of the game that lets us play around with some basic combat options and also provides a large area to explore. Seriously, this thing is huge, no wonder they called it an Episode rather than a demo.

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Blues Cowboy1522d ago

Haha, in fairness they'd make a pretty great boy band!

Wonder if I'm getting a bit jaded? Would have probably thought the cast looked awesome back in the day, but now I'm 30, I just can't relate to anything about their designs. Shame, the world looks incredible, but the characters just seem... dull yet over-designed somehow.

Still, excited about this now.