Alan Wake franchise passes 4.5m sales

Sales in the Alan Wake franchise have passed 4.5 million units, Remedy CEO Matias Myllyrinne has revealed.

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Fro_xoxo1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Wow Congrats.

How about that remaster on XO huh? :) or a sequel.

If you do decide to remaster the game, please include American nightmare. Thanks.


christocolus1522d ago

Big congrats to Remedy. I think they will start working on a sequel once QB drops.Phil has stated in the past that they would be the studio to create a sequel.

AngelicIceDiamond1522d ago

Pretty amazing actually how a 5 year old game is still topping numbers.

--Onilink--1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

If i had to guess, plenty of those are probably on PC offers, like steam sales, but even so, i never imagined it would have so many sales, thats amazing.

Its easily one of my favorite games of last gen and more sales equals bigger chance of a proper sequel

turdburgler10801522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

You gotta love how any article with positive news related to the Xbox community always seems to have two people who go into the comment section and disagree with every positive comment for the first few comments. That's some dedicated hatred right there.

curtis921522d ago

I'm confused by the polar opposite reactions gamers have regarding remasters... As soon as a game from last gen is brought up you here "REMASTER IT NOW" but then when a game is announced to be getting a remastered version you immediately see floods of people complaining we don't get NEW games.

dennett3161522d ago

Different people have different perspectives? Who knew?
Fans will comment positively, non-fans will p*ss and moan and use any excuse they can come up with to slate a Remaster...including the non-argument about it somehow costing us new games.

kreate1522d ago

Yea whats up with that?

Maybe it depends on which game gets remastered for which system.

Mega241522d ago

I look at it like this, if the game is in the console of choice for them, then it's ok. But if its in the opposite console, then they will ride that bandwagon to the end of the generation. As for me, I could care less, they could spend time on something new, yet decide to work on the same thing. Talent wasted.

On topic: I've had it on steam for the past 3 years, maybe I should play it.

solideagle1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

wow nice, VgChartz ( has it 1.37, massive differencce between 1.37 and 4.5. does it mean 4.5 includes mostly digital sale?

it also means vgchartz has wrong sales for many many games?

LordMaim1522d ago

VGCHartz is notoriously inaccurate, sure. But they also only track the first X weeks of a game's sales. Alan Wake has been out for years now.

deadpoolio3161522d ago

UH VGChartz Im sure stopped tracking a 5+ year old game years ago....Why in the bloody blue hell would you even look at VGChartz for lifetime sales on something there is no doubt they would have stopped tracking when it became irrelevant...

Gamer7771522d ago

@deadpoolio316 They don't track digital copies. Alan Wake likely had high digital copies due to releasing steam and digital deals with gold. Vgchartz should adjust there sales when ever publishers/devs reveal sales numbers that combine physical and digital copies.

lelo2play1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

"Alan Wake franchise passes 4.5m sales"

... and many people said it was a flop.

Congrats, Remedy.

Testfire1522d ago

On the 360 it was a financial flop, but a critical success. I would guess most of these sales are from the PC release, because that's when sales took off.

deadpoolio3161522d ago

You know the game is 5+ years old right? YES it was a flop, it took 5+ years to reach 4.5 million..

Grap1522d ago

New IP + only on strict console and still flop?????, what a great logic you have.

DonMingos1521d ago

I bought Alan Wake + American nightmare on steam for 6€ 2 years ago.

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Automatic791522d ago

Fantastic sales for an awesome game congratulations remedy bring on Quantum Break and Alan Wake 2.

DemonSlayer4201522d ago

American Nightmare is so underrated. I love Twilight Zone!

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aviator1891522d ago

Pretty awesome.
Congrats, Remedy.

AngelicIceDiamond1522d ago

That's great to hear, its proof Alan Wake still lives strong. Here's hoping for Alan Wake 2 in the very near future. This may also mean Alan Wake 2 will sell way better out of the gate.

Shazz1522d ago

still have my 360 copy

Moldiver1522d ago

I bought it as a download in a sale with both DLC chapters. Fantastic and underrated game. Might be worth revisiting sometime just to scoop up the last few achievements.

Number-Nine1522d ago

sales in the franchise? hasn't there only been one game?

dennett3161522d ago

No. In the time it took you to type that comment, you could have Googled the answer yourself and found Alan Wake American Nightmare.

Spotie1522d ago

I think there was some type of standalone thingy too.

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