Yep, in Bloodborne, you can fist a pig

One of the many awesome ways of slaying monsters in Bloodborne.

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nucky641523d ago

well, when you do it - it sure does feel kind of.....dirty...LOL

kowan1523d ago

actually that move has your character impale the opponent using his/her hands.

Crimzon1523d ago

The video clearly shows penetration of the pig's anus accompanied by a large gush of blood. It looks like he went elbow deep at the very least.


xTheMercenary_1523d ago

LOL, elbow deep. Pretty sure he went shoulder deep. Felt extra kinky in the moment.

Dlacy13g1523d ago

No, pretty sure he just fisted the pig. lol

SpinalRemains1381523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Yes, in the pig's balloon knot.

That was pretty funny.

Knuckle enema! Jeez did you guys see that back Flo?


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WizzroSupreme1523d ago

Good lord, thanks a lot, guy. I can't unthink this now.

ReesesPuffs1523d ago

I did this yesterday and thought the exact same thing haha. PETA is gonna be all over this one.

MysticStrummer1523d ago

The first boss fisted me so I'm glad I can take out my frustration on that pig.

ReesesPuffs1523d ago

You think the first boss is hard, wait till the third one. That one fisted me like this guy fisted that pig.

Kal-V31523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

So did it just happen to be he was punching or is this an actually kill move for the pig enemy?

ReesesPuffs1523d ago

It's the same animation for every enemy if you happen to get a charge attack on them from behind. This one just happens to be awkwardly placed.

Kal-V31523d ago

Thanks.. but you mean correctly placed, right. ;P

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The story is too old to be commented.