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Death is around every corner in Bloodborne. This is without a doubt the most terrifying and impressive experience yet from Hidetaka Miyazaki. Everything is faster, more detailed and it’s arguably the most difficult game of the series on top of that. The Chalice Dungeons add further replay value to the already 40+ hour campaign and the improve multiplayer components are of great help when facing off against some of the more difficult beasts. Few games reach this level of perfection. Bloodborne will no doubt stand as one of the finest games this generation. -BootHammer

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BiggerBoss1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Another 10/10 and another excellent game from FromSoft

BootHammer1517d ago

It's an incredible game. From Software has come a long ways. I'm happy for them, they deserve every bit of it.

maybelovehate1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Excellent game indeed. But no way I can give it a 10 so far. The loading times are so annoying. I am addicted and I love it, but those loading times are giving me nightmares. Gameplay wise it deserves a 10 but those loading times are making it very hard to enjoy the challenge.

@DoomeDx: Dislike isn't a strong enough word haha. But yes.

@BootHammer: I sure hope so. Shame such a small technical issue is holding this wonderful game back.

DoomeDx1517d ago

I think your trying to say that you dislike the loading times

BootHammer1517d ago

I agree the load times need some serious improvement. That should be easy enough to remedy through an update though.

DoomeDx1517d ago

They are working on an update to improve loading times.

SolidDuck1517d ago

Right the load times are long for sure, but that's literally my only complaint. The game is incredible

shammgod1517d ago

The loading times after dying and going from the Hunters Dream to the world are bad, but there are no other loading times. You can start from the beginning of the level and run the entire way through...through the sewers, to the bosses, etc with no loading whatsoever.

Take the good with the bad

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Tex1171517d ago

The game really is outstanding in every way.

psplova1517d ago

...except in the loading times department.

MasterCornholio1517d ago

And how many people are enjoying the heck out of the game despite the load times that will get fixed with a future patch?

Imalwaysright1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

If the long loading times weren't a problem a future patch wouldn't be needed.

GameBoyColor1516d ago

there's not enough credit to the fact that the only loading screens in the game are after deaths and teleporting to the hunters dream (which is only 15-20 seconds) that's truly amazing.

Then there's the chalice of course and invasions but I haven't used them and yet.

dolphin_supreme1517d ago

It gets compared to dark souls and demon souls a lot, but the feel and combat is its own. Amazing work! Especially after a flood of mediocre games and broken titles.

Veneno1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Great game but there's other flaws other than load times.

why do I have to go all the way back to Hunter's Dream if i want to go to another location and suffer more load times? Dark souls 2 had insta warp right off the bat, why regress to this?

why do I have to go to Hunter s Dream to equip runes which are essentially rings like in Demons souls? Why cant I do it on the fly? Why make us suffer more load times?

Why are bullets so hard to come by? They are supposed to be the new shield/ ranged attack. Why set it up so that we bsrely ever use them? And why is the cap so low on bullets we can carry?

and whats with the level designs? I mean, in general they look good, but why clutter EVERY LOCATION, with headstones, coffins, crucified bodies, bodies hanging from ropes, statues of robed people.? This sort of lazy environment building makes each location feel the same cause its all stuffed with the SAME THING!

I honestly don't see how this game can get a 10. We are now fully into the new gen and bloodborne does nothing to bring the Souls series to the next level. In fact it is a regression in many areas. It's more of the same, and that's not bad at all, but I wanted next gen Souls and this is not it. And this is a hardcore fan speaking here.

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