Xbox 360 Dashboard Update to Support Installs for All Available and Upcoming Titles

Microsoft has confirmed to Shacknews that the game installation feature available in the recently unveiled fall dashboard overhaul will support all currently available titles in addition to upcoming games.

As previously revealed earlier this afternoon, game installs will require the disk to be present in the drive to prove ownership. Installing a game on the Xbox 360's hard drive is said to drastically improve load times.

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fan_of_gaming3964d ago

didn't Microsoft make a list of things to do while waiting for PS3 GTA IV to install? Seems a little bit hypocritical to me to now have install for every one of their games when they ripped on the PS3 for a single game having one.

LostChild3964d ago

This is an install where you can download your games onto the HDD but you must have the disk inside the tray to prove ownership. Other wise, everyone would just rent the game and then install it. This isn't the type of install you're talking about. This is an option, not a requirement.

projectile3964d ago

This is great news for people in Europe who got the Elite and have too much free space.
Maby this will fix some of the glitches in titles such as Mass Effect?

And to post nr one, the installs are optional.