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Now I’m sure at some point every gamer in the world has thought to themselves,’ I could make an awesome game’.

I know I have. Unfortunately I have zero ability, knowledge or experience in video game creation…

So my intrigue was peaked.

Writes Gary Cook

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dotwithshoes2407d ago

Did I miss a link in the article?

FrugalDaz2407d ago

Just added a Steam link at bottom of the preview, thank you.

Timesplitter142407d ago (Edited 2407d ago )

It looks like a good place to start for the absolute beginner, but personally, I would just recommend getting familiar with Unity instead. It just has so much more potential.

Seems like GameGuru mostly just allows you to put together a bunch of pre-made components. So it's more like FPS Creator or RPG Maker than an actual game engine. You won't be able to make anything that has its own feel with GameGuru