5 Characters Nintendo Should Bring In Smash Bros. via DLC

Why has the prediction train regarding Smash Bros. characters taken a halt? There's still a lot of possibilities with DLC's

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Jimboms1520d ago

Yes for every single one, my personal favourite would be the Ice climbers.

WombBat1520d ago

Ice Climber yeah since they were in all of them.

everybody else, im not so sure.

What about:
1)Isaac and Jenna from Golden Sun
2)Splatoon character

usmsid1520d ago

Hell Yeah for Ice climbers

sophieandreson1520d ago

Princess Daisy doesn't make any sense, plus we have too many princesses

DiscoKid1520d ago

Alternate costume for Peach makes more sense.

SpeedDemon1520d ago

Peach already has a Daisy skin.

MMG1520d ago

How about Solid Snake to make cash on the upcoming MGS game?

deathtok1520d ago

Good list, I'll add a few. Partner with Sega and bring these:

1. Nights (from the Nights into Dreams series)
2. Knuckles (from the Sonic series)

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The story is too old to be commented.