GTA V’s First Single Player DLC; Here’s How Rockstar Can Amaze Us Again

Rockstar is well-known for producing some of the best downloadable content (DLC) gaming packs. In fact, their reputation with downloadable packs is such that they have set a standard, which other developers aim to achieve.

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WitWolfy1520d ago

What a misleading title. And here I was thinking R* actually announced something.

pompombrum1520d ago

It's all but confirmed tbh. One thing you can count on these days in the gaming world is developer/publisher's desire to make money. They'd be fools not to release single player DLC especially with all the sales on the various formats.

raWfodog1520d ago

It's true that developers are out to make money like everyone else but Rockstar impresses me by continuing to improve on their IP in ways that are not really necessary. They've added first-person view and other display options such as motion blur, depth of field, and various camera settings. They obviously take pride in their creation and I will gladly support DLC that they bring to the table knowing that they bring it with the same level of detail and care that they have in the main game.

TekKing1520d ago

I'd rather have a new GTA instead of them continuing to update a last-gen port.

spacewarrior11520d ago

last gen port lol ? it was always going to be a current gen game. its a cross gen game not a remaster. just goes to show what a marketing tactic the word "remaster" is.

raWfodog1520d ago

I'm still having good fun with the game and I imagine many others are as well. I hope Rockstar does not fall into the yearly (bi-yearly) release schedule that others follow. The time they took developing GTAV shows in the quality of the game.

Now they need to get on with the sequel to Red Dead Redemption...

FunkMacNasty1520d ago

A new GTA would take years to release given Rockstars track record of painstaking detail and quality. Probably won't even be announced until 2017 for a 2018 realesed date.
In that time, I would gladly take a few single player DLC's to expand the story of the GTA V world while we wait for the next installment!

Lukebb911520d ago

I would like to see a of prequel of johnny and the gang with their rise and fall, ending with the part from the game where trevor kills johnny.