Face-Off: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD | PlayStation 4 and Xbox One compared with the PSP original

Digital Foundry:
It may not seem like it at first glance, but Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is one of the most ambitious remasters we've played. The gap has never been so wide - porting from the almost eleven-year-old PSP hardware with its sub-PS2 spec is a gargantuan task and one that Hexadrive hasn't taken lightly. The talented Japanese development house has crafted a new engine with features rivalling any other modern renderer on the market today, with Square-Enix handling the spruced-up assets. The final product is a mixed bag, but the sheer number of technical accomplishments on hand is very impressive.

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greenmiker1522d ago

PSP vs PS4, strange comparison.

higgins781521d ago

Not as much as it appears. Games via PS4 are struggling - performance wise. Hardly unplayable, but under a microscope, side by side with other platforms. I bought a PS4 at launch. The only games I continue to own are TLOU and GTAV, while good/great - last gen games. At present my PS4 is being used more (much more) as a Blu Ray/catch-up box than an actual games machine. If it weren't for my WiiU, PC and New 3DS - I know, I'm greedy, I can honestly say I would have given up on videogames...perhaps I need to anyhow.

vishmarx1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

"i dont like the ps4 coz i like wiiu 3ds and therefore ps4 sucks"

your delusion knows no bounds if you think ps4 games are somehow comparable to psp games in quality or performance.
you start off by saying ps4 games generally have poor performance then you say it has nothing worth owning besides last gen games to saying wii u, 3ds and pc are better.
what is the significance of your post in regard to this article? the game doesnt drop a single frame
i have about 30 odd games on ps4 not counting free ones, only tlou and gta are the remasters i have from last gen . your opinion of something doesnt change the facts, ps4 isnt selling at 4 times the rate of the wii u just because it plays blu ray, heck ps3 imo is still a better bluray player thats also $250 gets way more games than a wii u does and thats got 4 big games this month, hardline,type-0,bloodborne,rev elations 2 while wii u got what?mario party.big whoop.keep your fanboyism restricted to nintendo articles

yewles11522d ago

Hexadrive worked on this? Makes sense now...

DarkOcelet1521d ago

Did anyone here play Type 0 HD? I wonder how the game runs, i mean the blur looks really nauseating. Is the blur that bad?

SamPao1521d ago

well the game looks awesome.

but that blur when you turn around the camera... woa. I actually stoped playing because of it. I'm only 2h in or something and didn't get used to it. I thought via Remote Play it should be better. gotta try that but, for me at least,on ps4 its absolutely horrible.

I hope they bring on a patch for that...

DarkOcelet1521d ago

You will definitely move that camera alot. The game is really big. It took me over 100 hours on PSP to finish it and i didnt unlock everything.

vishmarx1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

i dont mind the blur at all in combat but its definitely annoying while running around in dungeons/interiors
but the visuals are a huge upgrade over the psp version regardless.
what baffles me is that YOU didnt try out episode duscae

slappy5081521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I'm busy playing it now. The graphics are bad to be honest, definately not on par with other current gen games and remasters. but if you don't mind that it's otherwise a pretty good game. The blur is bad in parts. I could hardly make out the chocobos face when the had a close up on it in the very beginning. The blur on some character models are bad and then other characters look really good, it's quite strange

DarkOcelet1521d ago

I already finished it on PSP, what i meant is not graphically bad but you know like 'Ah, crap i just got a headache because of that $hitty blur' kind of bad.

slappy5081521d ago

No I wouldn't say it'll give you headaches. It's just something you notice from time to time. Maybe some people would be more anal than me, the only annoyance for me is the camera

NoctisPendragon1521d ago

It depends on your screen i think . I don't get any headache or nausea when playing FF Type 0 .

DarkOcelet1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Thats good to know, thanks for the reply :)

Kurisu1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

The camera blur can become a little disorientating at times, but it doesn't give me a headache. I just wish they had an option to change the camera sensisitivity.

DarkOcelet1521d ago

The camera wasnt exactly the best also on PSP too. Totally agree with you Kupo!

SamPao1521d ago

I would have loved to been able to play it on psp/vita(especially since its such a huge game as you are saying) but the language barrier hold me back. But I'm learning japanese now, so, within time at least that will never be a problem again :D

DarkOcelet1521d ago

I waited for the English Patch btw. Yeah, it was a long wait but it was worth it. Kudos to the person who made it.

SamPao1521d ago

there was a patch? but it was not official right? daym... shouldn't have bought it for ps4 then...

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DivineAssault 1521d ago

A psp game remade should have ZERO issues on both systems! It would be PURE laziness if there were issues on either console.. The demo of FF15 is better on PS4.. Maybe a lot of it was developed on PS3 so porting it & tweaking was too much of a pain to make it identical.. We will see when the game hits if those problems persist

1521d ago
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