God of War PS4 Dynamic Theme Released on European PlayStation Store: Watch it in Action

Yesterday a new God of War Anniversary dynamic theme was released on the North American PlayStation Store.
Today, the same theme was released in the European PlayStation store, for £0.79 or €0.99. Check it out in action.

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thekhurg1521d ago

I want that theme on US store.

Abriael1521d ago

"Yesterday a new God of War Anniversary dynamic theme was released on the North American PlayStation Store."

Spinal1521d ago

AAHH HELLL YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Just what I wanted. Getting this as soon as i get home!

Now we just need PS Now :(

SuperRaccoon1521d ago

Seems too simple for a paid theme, there's barely any movement. It might as well be a simple wallpaper, and one based on a common promotional image. That music seems too stressful, I don't think I could stand it for long. Also, it appears like it suffers from the most common problem among the free themes, the text is hard to read (although the 2.50 update might help with that, or maybe it's just my shitty screen).

They could have done so much more with it, especially because it's meant to celebrate the anniversary of the series. Another disappointment. No theme has even been close to beating the awesomeness of the Transistor theme, I believe.

nix1521d ago

it's like every time you switch on your PS4, you want to raaaaaaaaaaage!!!!

xploz1on1521d ago

Hahahahah true!!! End the world! Burn everything!!!!

On the other hand... The Theme it is way too simple. Not even a 3D object there? Not worth TBH.

sourav931521d ago

Just bought it. I just want that awesome theme playing every time I turn on my PS4 :D

On a different note, I just noticed that there's no minimum amount for wallet topups for the PS Store! Hallelujah!

MilkMan1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Dope, but it should have been free. I mean when I read all the pomp and circumstance and the price they are asking for it. I thought to myself. "If you are so proud of the 10th anniversary of this IP, and you wish to celebrate with the legion of fans, why are you charging. This should be a thank you from you guys. Especially if you are charging a buck AND you are already dipping into wallets again with crapmastered GOD3"

Looks good, but I'll skip it. Cant abide by this crap anymore.

Oops, did I just loose a bubble?

Silver_Faux1521d ago

About time we got another theme.