Nerf Tier: League of Legends 5.6 Solo Queue Tier List – March

As the second and final patch in March, the fourth patch of Season 5 will update us on Bard for the first time and [PowerLeveled] now has stats to back up a rating for Bard as well.

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MeteorPanda1522d ago

Why is wukong on that list all day everyday? in solo q he really needs his team to peel after he's gone solo q you really don't have the luxury of always havig a team behind you.

But lol. l've always played Sej, even before this patch she was scary, just now people are realizing how strong she is. /sigh nerfs inc.

JoeIsMad1522d ago

Wukong is actually strange in that he's very weak in one situation and strong in another. Crazy stuff.

MeteorPanda1520d ago

agreed. so many variables gotta be there for him to work, lol. One of my favourites when fed

Stevefantisy1522d ago

Excellent ty for the new list.