EA Titles Get "Nucleous"

"Nanea Reeves, who runs EA's online group announced a new feature that will be in all upcoming EA Sports Titles: their own take on Microsoft's Gamercards, called 'Nucleous.'"

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predator3967d ago

Interesting, there own take on gamercards huh

BigKev453967d ago

EA brought ID software!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KozmoOchez3967d ago

In their old ps2 games, there was a seperate save file for something like this, it kept track of all your achievements, and there were levels and such...i cant remember what it was called, but it kept track of all EA sports games i think, and if you had other games on it, you could unlock new stuff on certain games...similar to ratchet and clank games where old games unlocked stuff

cain1413967d ago

Yeah I remember that. Was somewhat cool. THis is an interesting concept.