Bloodborne Guide: How to defeat Cleric Beast

GamingSoFar: The first opponent, which will meet at the end of the bridge (the way the two beasts and a few minor enemies). Boss is characterized by large dimensions and a huge range attack that, despite the large width of the bridge, it is not the easiest to avoid. Initially, the difficulty may also cause bypassing enemy.

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Giru0171517d ago

Terrible guide/video, as it essentially just tells you to dodge and spam R1.

The cleric beast is there so you can familiarize yourself with future boss stagger mechanics. You can aim at the body or the head; if you shoot the head while it's attacking, you'll stagger it and be able to get a critical in (when he's hunched over, walk up and press R1 for a grab attack that does massive damage).

You can keep to the left, as he has less range on his smaller hand and avoid his more damaging moves. He has a big cool down after his combos, allowing you to get behind him, charge a R2 attack and hit him, potentially leading to another stagger.

When it's activating rage mode (notice the blood red fog), you can run up and combo it to interrupt the rage mode activation and lead into another stagger+critical.

Learn this and you'll fare much better against future bosses than just mashing R1 to recover lost life...

SpinalRemains1381517d ago

Beat him like you beat any Souls boss who has mass. You stand under/behind it, and chop them down.