E3: First images of the new Xbox 360 Dashboard

Microsoft has just released quality shots from their "New Xbox Experience."

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Boldy3967d ago

Looking at these screenshots, I am actually very excited for this update, especially being that they've only announced some of the new features.

ILikeButter3967d ago

Yea I can't wait until they announce more features.

legendkilla3967d ago

im sorta pissed off because i didnt buy a Wii.... i bought a damn 360.. i wonder if this is manditory?

ILikeButter3967d ago

I think the avatars are stupid.
But the dashboard seems more clean and organized.
It looks like you can find everything quickly.

KillaManiac3967d ago

I would of been excited IF I did not have those Mii(s) on the front and everywhere.

I wish there was a deactivate Mii option.

xhairs93967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

If you're so excited go buy a Mac Book, that's where the dashboard came from... hence why they say, "If you want to see the next version of Windows OS, look at the Mac now.".

Jrome3967d ago

All apple does is copy what microsoft is going to do, give it a new name and implement it faster.
Just like they take touchscreen and make it look like it's their gift to the world.
Just like they take the iPod and make it look like it is the ultimate mp3 player, yet players with lower/similar price points are so much better.
Sigh. Just like they released the iphone 3G and made it look like they made it cheaper, when in fact they over charged for the iphone in the first place ROFL. Sigh. Blind fanboys.

Anyway, nice images $$.

Kaneda3967d ago

Don't tell my the movies scrolling and games scrolling like itunes covers scrolling.. :)

xhairs3967d ago

I'm sorry, but if that were true, #1 if Apple implemented it faster then there would be an immense amount of flaws with the product so obviously that's not true. But yet, when windows comes out, there's so many problems with it, you can see them posted EVERYWHERE. Not to mention, how can Apple copy what Microsoft is GOING to do if it hasn't been done yet? Wow, the blind fanboy comment seems to be directed at the wrong person here.

Apple's iPod paved the way for MP3 players, sure there are some now that are cheaper and just as good (considering I have a philips and not an iPod I agree, it's cheaper). However, it paved the way, it started the MP3 player craze. It's still a great MP3 player so stop wishing it wasn't, why else would there be a Zune if the iPod wasn't so great?

Touch-screen? When did Apple even claim that touch-screen was their gift to the world? The touch screen was an AWESOME addition so I don't get what you're complaining about. No they didn't create it, nor did they claim to create it, but they put it to use in an excellent way.

Why even bring up the price of these things? It's obvious that prices are way over dramatic on almost everything now days. About the only thing I find that has a reasonable price are LCD tv's.

CaptainHowdy3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

-Apple Cover Flow/XMB

-Home Avatars and Mii's produce in-bred retards

Superfragilistic3967d ago

I like it, takes the best of Miis, iTunes & Home and fills it with a range of bonus features! :)

Tomdc3966d ago

layout looks like a blocky xmb and the avatars are such a blatent copies of wii avatars! they even have that little meeting place like the wii does... sure they have taken it further with the groupin up with friends thing but its still shoddy. i prefer old layout.

dantesparda3966d ago

How i feel about this update. Right now I feel that the avatars make the whole thing look to kiddish. And i think it looks like they bit Apple to much again, and even the XMB. I'll reserve final judgement for when i see it for myself or see more of it. But right now, i dont know, but im leaning towards, "nah".

ThanatosDMC3966d ago

Is it me or does the dashboard feel like the XMB now?

MNicholas3966d ago

It's sad that Microsoft is screwing it's own userbase by going with cutsie Mii type "avatars". Microsoft's made a series of strategic mistakes and this could alienate the one market segment that identifies with the Xbox brand, the hard-core gamer.

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Egzekutor3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

I prefer the current dashboard... its looks cool.

The new dashboard looks sh1t and looks like a fuking copy of PS XMB but with added colours.........

outlawlife3967d ago

the current dashboard is still going to be there, its being integrated into the guide

RonDeMuerte3967d ago

Why don't you just get it over with and buy Nintendo.........I'm sure this is all just gonna sit very well with their supposedly mature and hardcore audience....

xhairs93967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

More like Mii + Lego Indiana Jones/Bob the Builder/Dora the Explorer/Rollie-polie-olie.

Rice3967d ago

Dude that was an awesome statement!!! bubbles

Surfman3967d ago

Wow its even more gay. And it looks like the Wii. Good copy MS, youre good for that.

ILikeButter3967d ago

"And it looks like the Wii"

How can a Dashboard look like a console? ;)

GiantEnemyCrab3967d ago (Edited 3967d ago )

This looks great as a first step. MS haven't revealed all the features and functions and how this will merge with the current dashboard.

The full video is on XBL if anyone wants to check it out.

Disgree?? WTF? Major Nelson on his blog states more feature announcements are coming in the following months. And you can view the video these screenshots were taken from on Xbox Live called "New Xbox Experience". What is there to disagree with?

xhairs3967d ago

How can this be a great first step, but yet firmware 2.41 wasn't a great first step towards XBL? Interesting how when it's for YOUR console of choice it's a "great first step".

Solid_Snake6663966d ago

big time and it looks rushed wish ms took more time on it