EP #241 – What’s Ori Got To Do With It?

Ori and the Blind Forest is a platform adventure video game designed by Moon Studios, an independent developer, and published by Microsoft Studios. You’ll experience tight controls (Super Meat Boy), memorable visuals (Ghibli) and a timeless soundtrack (Dust: An Elysian Tail). Ori and the Blind Forest is an emotional ride, it is a story of love and sacrifice. Thanks for Listening.

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Ristul1521d ago

I will buy this on steam for sure!

maybelovehate1521d ago

Definitely the best game I have played this year. So good.

StrayaKNT1521d ago

Yeah same the soundtrack and art design are one of a kind. This game is a true masterpiece.

maybelovehate1521d ago

And those controls!! Man, that game spoiled me. So precise and so fun. Seems like they mixed together the best parts of every 2d game ever made to create the ultimate platformer.

uriyya1521d ago

The controls are definitely precise. Props to Moon Studios for a job well done. Thanks for the comments everyone.