10 Reasons To Be Excited About God of War 3 Remastered

PS4Home: "For many, the God of War video games are on the top of the list of the most played and loved video games of all time. When we heard about the release this year of the God of War 3 Remastered, we got a little too excited!"

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jambola1523d ago

The first 3 reasons were just silly, but other than that i agree

x5exotic1523d ago

I think they should really remake GoW3 to live up to the hype.

It felt incomplete. Severely lacking compared to what I expected. (And gigantic expectations were justified given the hype and epicness of the first two games)

x5exotic1522d ago

@Hells I mean it.

The story was somewhat cliche, the voice acting was somehow not as good (Kratos shouting cheesy lines instead of sounding normal, Pandora's cringe-worthy American accent, new VAs for Athena and Gaia, Zeus couldn't even rehearse his own lines or tone as it was in GoW2)

The story also lacked investment. We already poured our hate for Zeus at the end of 2, and now he's done nothing more (and sadly, we had the same final villain), by the end you just feel like Kratos is becoming a douchebag which contradicts the whole hope story. Kinda ruined his grey morality there.

-They oversold the Second Great War, titans were a mere backdrop, where they should've been major players. Fighting both while chaos ensues.

God of War 1 focused on Kratos' flashbacks, GoW2 focused on the Gods', GoW3 should have focused on the Titans', or maybe all in one. Olympous should have ended with the prologue, and more world building should've happened. Lazily latching the world vertically together was a bad decision.

They oversold the titan plat-forming as something that made us expect Shadow of the Colossus 2, ended up being story-specific occasion with fixed cinematic sequences that you hardly need to worry about as you mount.

- There was absolutely no need to downgrade the Blade of Olympus from a major weapon to a "mod" that wasn't have as interesting as that of the Titans or Gods of former games.

- Repeating the "lose your powers" of the prequel was terrible. It made sense in 2, in 3 it felt like a jarring repeat forced in there. (Along with that jarring "betrayal" of the gods at the write moment".

- Instead, they should have made Kratos retain his godly powers as he was trying to do in the prologue of GoW2, thus being able to retain his giant "God form", that could have added great gameplay, perspective, and world building in certian areas.

- Boss fights were terrible. Seriously? Helios, Perses, Hermes and Hephaestus and Gaia were (I'm 100% sure canceled projects) all rushed as hell and got demoted into a quick QTE session.

Should have made Helious and Hermes tag against Kratos at the start (they were seen going down first of all the gods) - They'd not be killed,a mere phase 1 of the fight if you will. (Then Helious and Perses both become major bosses at the same time when their time arrives - not necessarily allies)

Hermes should not have been a 100% blockable, not-even-as-fast-as-a-satyr regular enemy.

Many more heroes, gods, and titans should have also been included as bosses. (In GoW2, quantity added to variety, which added to quality)
----------------------------- -

There's so much wrong to this game this only scratches the surface, and seeing as GoW2 is my all time favorite game, with my all time favorite cliffhanger, it left me quite disappointed

slappy5081523d ago

None of those are compelling enough for me who has already played it (they even try to with 8 and 9) Nice try!

Maxor1523d ago

Someone tried really hard to come up with 10 reasons and failed.

Blues Cowboy1523d ago

Yup. There's no way to spin that this is a horrible value proposition unless they bring the price down from its current £50 level (which, in fairness, is likely speculative on the part of retailers).

This should include GoW 1-3 remastered. Sorry, but otherwise there's no point.

OB1Biker1523d ago

Who said £50???
All I read officially said $40

Elda1523d ago

For 20 dollars maybe.

u4one1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Been there, done that.... On ps3. Sick of remasters. I love the GoW series, but If I just wanted to keep playing my ps3 library I wouldn't have purchased a ps4 and could save a bunch of money. Hell, my tv has PlayStation Now built into it and upscales everything to 4k. Almost as good as a remaster right there.