Amazon Unveils New Bloodborne/PS4 Console Bundle Deal

Amazon have today released a new PS4 console bundle deal to mark the release of From Software's PlayStation-exclusive action/adventure epic, Bloodborne.

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crazychris41241521d ago

C'mon Sony there is a ton of people looking to buy or trade up to a custom bundle, lets get it done.

WillGuitarGuy1521d ago

It's... so... tempting! Yes, I don't own a PlayStation 4... yet.

DarkOcelet1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Well, now is a great time to own one :) . Bloodborne with TLOUR and you will not be disappointed.

WillGuitarGuy1521d ago

I'll need one eventually for Uncharted 4 as well. Might just get on this bundle.

SmielmaN1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

That's two wicked games to start with on PS4.

Sony has sprung the consumer trap! Irresistible game with great console!

Also, ugh... This Bloodborne game is not a joke at all, I am dying a lot, and I explore to the point I'm happy, then I die and mess all that up. This game is hard for me (a souls game newb, admittedly). I bought the hype, and I've really enjoyed some of Japan Studios other games (as they were great on PS3). Then all those 9, 9.5, 9.75, and 10's came out over the last day and i just packed up the one year old, went to my buddy at ebgames and she hooks me up with Bloodborne and a solid gift card. Clever girl.... So I download everything before I start and then go in, blind, newb, punching and chopping walls. Well sorry, I took like 40 mins customizing my military dudes head face body. So cool. Great DraveN hair from The Crow available. Yes please. So ya the game is fun so far, but God damn I hate the gun and dodge taking so much energy right now I have to master a dodge/slash parry and maybe attempt to parry a shotgun blast in there for critical strikes. Definitely not like anything I've ever played. I turned it off as the Habs game started. But I've been wanting to go back to it but maybe too relaxed :).

Anyways... Great game man! It's going to take a long time to whomp that ass and die like dum f+ck and get pissed but it makes me believe I could get in there and wipe out this mother f+ck and get my sh!t back! It's all the dying and not adjusting well enough really. And wanting to kill everyone. Hard as nails for me, but I feel compelled, for now..... Good buy

MasterCornholio1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Two amazing games with one amazing console.

Will dont think twice.

Just buy it.


ArnoDorian1521d ago

go for this bundle $440 for 2 great games is not a bad deal

PS4isKing_821521d ago

Do it man. PS4 is the best choice for this generation.
Plus two of the best recent games included, you'd be crazy to pass this up. :)

Cheers and happy gaming.

Genova841521d ago

It's close to what I spent in the individual components.

1. PS4 - $350 new from ebay
2. TLOUR download - $16 from some random deal sitr I found on here.
3. Bloodborne -$60 from Gamestop

That totals $426 so for the convenience I'd say it's an alright deal.

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LegoIsAwesome1521d ago

I wish there will be a update with so much BLOOD!! Hahahahaha. I think they lessen the blood for some countries and religion.

GNCFLYER1521d ago


It's a good bundle for the hard core gamers. Lots of people have been waiting on a PS4 for bloodbourne, just check out neogaf, and some here.

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