Bloodborne Boss Guide: How to Defeat Father Gascoigne

Bloodborne is out and it's filled with brutal boss fights. Here's how to defeat the twisted hunter Father Gascoigne.

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assdan1519d ago

The person playing just sucked. I beat him by myself on my second try. He really wasn't hard.

GTgamer1519d ago

Just stagger him with the gun get in close and drop him if you have music box then that's a plus I loveeeeeeeeeee this game

1519d ago
Veneno1519d ago

I beat this boss using a glitch! I did a critical hit while on the staircase and it launched him off the world so it killed him lol.

akiraburn1519d ago

I just finished off this boss less than 30 minutes ago, and it was surprisingly easy. My method was to move around the tombstones, get just close enough to provoke his attack, step out of range, then charge a heavy attack (usually one-handed). Even if he hits you as the attack is going off, you gain enough HP back from your hit that it should even out.

When he used his extended axe, I still used the same general method, but sometimes needed to a shot to stun him. And once he transformed, most of the battle was still utilizing tombstones. Although at that point he'll destroy the tombstones as they get in his way, this is to your benefit since you can easily see him forecasting his attacks and always be ready charging another heavy attack. I actually got him my first try, whereas the first boss took a couple attempts.

In case someone needs an idea of what level and equipment I was using, when I took on Father Gascoigne I was level 27 using the Hunter Axe +2 and an unmodified Blunderbus. I don't know if that's especially high, normal, or low level/equipment for that point, but it should be a quick and easy fight.

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