Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Review - Spooky Island | Gamer Headlines

Gamer Headlines writes: "The Resident Evil franchise has gone through ups and downs with its latest installments, with fans and players criticizing the direction the series was heading to: a more action-oriented experience instead of staying true to its Survival Horror roots. 2012’s original Resident Evil: Revelations showcased that Capcom was still able to deliver a title that honors its genre-defining roots by bringing the classic, restrictive and isolating elements that made the first iterations so memorable to an original installment. While its sequel, Revelations 2, goes for a different approach with its episodic format, it successfully captures the essence of Survival Horror by offering a difficult and genuinely frightening experience that will have you playing with the lights on when things get a bit too intense. Trust me, I literally jumped out of my seat a handful of times while playing through Revelations 2’s four main campaign episodes."

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