The Witcher 3 Will Use Temporal AA On Consoles; CDPR Will Think About DX12

CD Projekt confirms that they're using temporal antialiasing on consoles in The Witcher 3; they'll also think of DX12 support in the future.

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vlashyr1523d ago

Great hope to be supported as soon as possible

Imp0ssibl31523d ago

Yeah it would be great. Maybe I could afford ubersampling then, lol

NuggetsOfGod1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

The fact that they might use dx12 now makes me horny for Cyberpunk 2077.

Cyberpunk will be 2x larger than witcher 3 calling now. 2020 release.

Not to mention HBM gpus this year will have 8gb and up to 32gb next year with pascal.

Got carried away...
Yay for witcher 3!

Meltic1523d ago

Please tell them vlashyr to release the game now im dying to play

Festano1523d ago ShowReplies(2)
Articuno761523d ago

I'd be over the moon to see low-level API's like Mantle/DX12 supported for a game like that. Heck, depending on the performance gains I might even buy a new monitor that supports a higher resolution than 1080.

SteamPowered1523d ago

I would slow your roll if you are referring to Consoles providing a higher resolution than 1080P.

Genova841523d ago

Who plays console games on a monitor? Do consoles support mantle?

I think it's clear from Articuno's comment that he/she is a pc gamer ...

Alexious1523d ago

@Genova84 Plenty of people play console games on a monitor. I certainly do, as the TV is the living room and generally it's occupied by the rest of the family.

SteamPowered1523d ago

Well this is an article about AA in Consoles. There are already a ton of Anti Aliasing options on Pc, so Im not sure why Articuno is talking like they need a new monitor...

Genova841523d ago

Freesync just got released. Articuno mentioned higher ressies ... so ... new monitor!

And the first on was a serious question. I pc on a tv ... so ... there's that ...

_-EDMIX-_1523d ago

"Consoles providing a higher resolution"

resolution is game dependent, not console dependent.

For all we know, they can put the game in 1080p with all the settings turned off...

Its based on choice, not by being unable to actually do 1080p, any system dependent on the game can do 1080p, as that isn't factoring in effects, quality, settings etc.

Merely just the resolution....bud, WipeOutHD on PS3 was in 1080p, 60fps native.

its GAME DEPENDENT, if The Witcher 3 isn't 1080p, on PS4 or XONE, it has more to do with the developer choosing performance and effects over resolution.

If you brought me a GPU with performance of around 3.68TFLOPs and told me you can't play a game in 1080p...clearly its what YOUR doing and what your setting the game to.

If you ask me to merely make it run in 1080p....thats it, its something most PC's can do, its something both consoles last gen could do EASY!

Merely turn off all settings, set the quality to low and have at it.

Again..resolution is game dependent and in most cases on PC...user dependent. Someone chooses that before a system deems that impossible. The system is merely deeming it impossible at playable frames, with AA turned on, on ultra quality, high textures etc.

Consider if you had a GPU that can perform at around 3.68TFLOPS, would you really not be able in any way shape or form, run the games out today in 1080p? you actually fully get that those settings are based on the developer and not the system itself? your logic, Wipeout HD shouldn't be running 1080p 60fps...on a PS3 no less.

If we are suggesting the system some how makes the resolution and not the software running on the system...

Conzul1523d ago


get that fockin' logic out of here. It is not welcome in these parts.

Bigpappy1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

@SteamPowered: that's a weak cop out, and an admission that you were just trolling. The article is not only about "AA in consoles" as you say, it is also about them supporting DX12, which Articuno76 was talking about, because he mentioned it in his very short and unambiguous statement. You trying to now link that to AA and consoles to try and cover-up trolling is laughable and exposes you as untrustworthy.

LexHazard791523d ago

@genova84, I have a Asus monitor for my PS4 and Xbox. I like it much better than playing on a TV.

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ccgr1523d ago

I'm sure it will look great!

Alexious1523d ago

It sure will. I bet those downgrade discussions will be silenced forever once the game's released.

Stapleface1523d ago

Good news for everybody! (potential for pc but we'll take it)

Alexious1523d ago

I think NVIDIA's TXAA was scheduled to be used in The Witcher 3 but they eventually dropped it.

Perhaps they'll use this proprietary TAA on PC as well?

starchild1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

I'm sure it will be an option. If it's an efficient proprietary technique that they are proud of I don't see why they wouldn't have it as one of the anti-aliasing options in the PC version.

I think that is also likely why they dropped TXAA support (despite them supporting other Nvidia technologies): they simply like their proprietary technique better. We might see multiple settings/strengths of this form of AA in the PC version.

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