Collection of beautiful replay videos from Driveclub

Check out our selection of best looking replay videos from Driveclub!

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moustick1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

This one's my favourite

ChronoJoe1516d ago

All these replay nonsense convinced me to buy the DLC today. Keep getting tempted by the Lamborghini's, now I have the season pass. :)

Crazyglues1516d ago

yeah, it's worth it, had the season pass since launch and love the new vehicles..

if you like driving the tracks then the new cars are a must-have.. Time- Trials have become my obsession. Canada- Cayoohpoint in the Hennessy Venom GT - 2:16 - that time just can't be beat. Trust me.

I put that up after drinking too much coffee & racing that track just too many times.. Reflexes were on insane mode...LoL :)

ChronoJoe1515d ago

Yeah definitely been worth it so far, loving the new cars and the extra tours add plenty to do.

By the way, I took up your challenge and set 2.15!

Some of the upper leaderboard times are insane. It gets pretty illegitimate sometimes too, even though you can't cut the entirety of larger corners, some of the fastest times really abuse what you can cut, as well as often using the walls / gravel rather than braking into turns.

Crazyglues1515d ago

@ ChronoJoe

OMG! Why did you tell me that, I suffer from over obsessing in driving games, now I will stay up day and night trying to beat your time... LoL

2:15 is just insane, I can't believe you did that.. I'm going to lose my mind trying to take that down.. Unreal

Yeah there is some serious abuse of the upper numbers indeed, hitting that gravel is something they do, I ran mine clean. -but yeah I've seen people cheating by doing that..

ChronoJoe1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )

Heh, sorry about that then. I can be the same! I remember on the occasion I held a WR on Dirt 2. I used to go on every day to improve it to hold the spot... but gets too time consuming in the end!

Still, it's a bit of fun. You can add me if you want to compare times (PSN: Chronospherics).


GMW1511d ago (Edited 1511d ago )

This is my go at making a trailer using the replay footage. :-)