IGN Review of Bloodborne

Bloodborne adds a new and thoughtful insights on the combat system has achieved spectacular successes across a number of previous versions. New ideas and contribute to the renewal of the challenge and make the game faster and more enjoyable. Although it maintains its beloved but they succeed by making the game more open to new players. Bloodborne is one of the best games this year without a doubt probably the best Ultras PlayStation 4 yet.

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gangsta_red1518d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

The reviews for this PS4 Sony exclusive are really off the charts. Thank goodness numbered scores weren't championed away with or we wouldn't be getting these quick fix reviews for consumers who might not frequent the internet as much as we all do. The reviews for this game seem to be in touch with what we gamers want out of these new games.

Good job FromSoftware, another classic under your belt and the critics agree that this PS4 Exclusive game is pretty much ...dare I say...almost perfect.

AngelicIceDiamond1518d ago

Yep that should put Bloodborne at a tremendously high metacrtic when its all said and done.

FromSoftware took there time and have great attention to detail. Bloodborne easily looks to fit in with Darksouls and Demon Souls.

Definitely looking like one of the best exclusives of this year.

Jughead34161518d ago

I can't believe how good this game is. A true masterpiece. My only gripe with this game is the long load times after dying. But I read an article stating that From Software already has a patch in the works to address this.

Hellsvacancy1518d ago

Why does Metacritic always get mentioned? I must be the only person on the internet who doesn't bother with it

ginsunuva1518d ago

Metacritic is love.
Metacritic is life.

Orange1517d ago

@Hellsvacancy Obviously metacritic is an aggregator. There is a theory that the aggregate opinion of the many ordinary is better than the opinion of the few "smarter" folks. It's called "Wisdom of the Crowd."

DragonKnight1517d ago

What the hell is up with that title.

"IGN Review of the Middle East's Bloodborne" sounds like IGN is reviewing ISIS.

I think the title needs to be changed to IGN UAE reviews Bloodborne. Or move where the word "review" is to before Bloodborne and add another "of" so it looks like "IGN of the Middle East's Review of Bloodborne."

Then again, it is translated so I guess that explains it.

XBLSkull1517d ago

@Orange - its called metacritic user score lol. Still a great source, nothing wrong with metacritic.

Even though I am leveling up, enemies don't seem to be getting much easier. Are enemies leveling up with me (I hope not), or the other guess of mine is that I'm gaining insight, which makes enemies harder. Anyone know? Or am I just crazy. For the record i am now level 15, up from 10, and still fighting the exact same enemies in the same exact area, im not just fighting new, harder enemies.

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alb18991518d ago

I can see that reviews are good now, JAJAJAJAJAJA!
Anyway I will buy Bloodborne!

LexHazard791518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

@kiwi and Plagsx, thats how hispanics do Haha.

Its either Jaja or Jeje...

MysticStrummer1518d ago

"I can see that reviews are good now"

Nope. I haven't played too far into the game but so far I'd say the reviews are a bit high. It's a good game but I don't see it knocking Demon's Souls out of my number one spot. We'll see.

DragonKnight1518d ago

I remember back when I used to think to myself "Dafuq is JaJa." Frickin' hilarious. The only way I came to find out that it's how they say "HaHa" is because I had a friend when I was a kid named Jose and he told me the J is pronounced like an H so they say it like HaHa but they spell it like JaJa.

Still better than the entire English language though.

wannabe gamer1517d ago

you mean kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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magiciandude1518d ago

This is a true next-gen experience and the game to beat in my humble opinion. I am going to guess this is going to be my favorite game of the generation unless it somehow gets topped.

DarXyde1518d ago

More accurately, "almost as close to perfection as a game will come".

Of course, Bloodborne isn't for everyone. That's alright. I know it's for me since I love these games.

fanboysmackdown1518d ago

I must laugh like a mofo at all the praise and love for all the critics by all these fanboys out there who slaughtered them when, how dare they, gave The Order a meager 65%. Now they're singing their praises like the zealots cheered on Moses. Bloodborne is a great game, no question, but put your Sony panties away fanboys.

WellyUK1517d ago

its amazing how quick it changes... A month ago everyone was saying these reviewers are corrput or something now all of a sudden they are the exact opposite being praised for giving a game a good score... Next month there will be a game that gets a meh score and everyone will go mad again... It's not just Sony fanboys its Gamers jumping on band wagons and not realising that reviews are just opinions... People like different things just because a game gets a low score doesn't mean you won't like it and vice versa. I personally didn't like GTA V at all yet it got 10's across the board, i don't go preaching about how much i hated it...

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Gamer19821517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

This is the first critically acclaimed full exclusive PS4 game. I remember when MGS4 launched on PS3 and that was the first for ps3 getting 10s and 9.5s across the board. PS3 was doing horribly until that point with sales thanks to the much higher price point over the xbox 360.
2 differnces with MGS4 and this though
1. MGS4 has a much larger following
2. PS4 massively ahead this time NOT behind.

So time will tell if this has a such as big of affect as MGS4 did on PS3.

Ashunderfire861517d ago

I think this game is better than Demon and Dark Souls combine! That dodging enemies over no shield, has a rhythm to it. That is my favorite thing about this game, even if this game looks very similar to those soul games. Bloodborne is the first truly great exclusive for PS4! The rise of the PS4 exclusive is coming! Starting with this game. It will only get better from here.

JoGam1517d ago

Dude I have to disagree with you saying its the first truly great exclusive for PS4. I honestly LOVED Infamous Second Son, Drive Club and KZSF even though some may disagree, they are great games.

Ashunderfire861517d ago


First thing first I gave you an agree, yes they were good, but not great games. Infamous Second Son was my least favorite out of the series(Infamous 2 beats it with more variety in powers) Drive Club, had a rocky launch, but ended up being pretty good after many tweaks. Killzone ShadowFall was good too, but not groundbreaking, and the multiplayer got boring after a while. Bloodborne is the first great exclusive PS4 ever had, other than Last of Us Remastered. What sold on Bloodborne being great, was the fact that there was no shield! And that the dodging as a substitute has a rhythm to it that is very addicting to me. The enemies dodge alot also, and use other tactics to flank you. They are no push overs like the enemies in Demon and Dark Souls.The environment are interconnected like Dark Souls 1 was(that's what I really like). What I played so far, and even after finally beating the first boss, I can already see a nomination for game of the year! Well done From Software...Well done.

JoGam1517d ago

WOW, Im just trying to find out why you have 29 disagrees and counting.

Sy_Wolf1517d ago

I don't think you know what "off the charts" means...

modelgod1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Why do you keep saying "this ps4 exclusive" as opposed to "a great game?" We all know it's an exclusive, and we all knew it was going to be a great game. I'm happy that Sony has at least 1 great game that justifies 20+, million sold because honestly, there weren't too many good games. I'm happy for you. So with your two big exclusives for 2015 that's an average of a 7, considering the scores the order received. All in all, I am happy blood borne got good reviews, now things are heating up ( software wise).

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Gamer7771518d ago

Looks like the second game of the year contender has arrived.

rezzah1518d ago

Whats the other contender? Ori? That has recieved many praises too.

Gamer7771518d ago

Ori and the Blind Forest appears to be the other contender based on general reception. Hopefully the big fall releases live up to expectations aswell.

MasterCornholio1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

I honestly dont see Ori winning it. It will probably be either Bloodborn, The Witcher 3 or Batman.

Maybe even Halo 5.

oasdada1518d ago

No doubt ori is a pretty solid game.. but im not sure if indie games compete for the same category.. or do they? If so then ori is definately a worthy contender.. and also IF GodOW4 comes out this year

Gamer7771518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

@ MasterCornholio You are right a big budget triple AAA will most likely win.

@ oasdada Journey won several game of the year awards back in 2012. But neither Ori or Journey are true indies as they were funded by MS and Sony respectively.

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generic-user-name1518d ago

The Middle East's Bloodborne? Oh, I wasn't aware the Middle East got it's own version of the game. Or did you do some sentence structure gymnastics to fool people into thinking this was 'the' IGN review?

KiwiViper851518d ago

I was like "Damn, the middle east version must be gory as hell!"

Alexander1Nevermind1517d ago

This particular point in the thread just made my morning. I lol'ed at my desk at work.

pivotplease1518d ago

Totally linguistic gymnastics. I stared at the headline for 45 seconds before doing a choose my own adventure translation.