Bloodborne First Impressions – Frustration be Damned, I Love It | The Koalition

Anthony Nash from The Koalition writes:

"Before we get into what I think about Bloodborne, let me preface this by saying that I am by no means a veteran of the “Souls” (Demons, Dark, and Dark 2) franchise. In fact, prior to Bloodborne, I have never even played one of these. I have had friends tell me of their frustration and how unforgiving the games could be. I thought I knew what I was getting into, and yet I was still so, so wrong.

Unfortunately, with this being my first venture into one of these games, I will not be able to explain the differences between Bloodborne and its Souls brothers (of which I’m told there are many). What I can tell you, though, is what will come as no surprise to any who have played one of these games: Bloodborne is HARD. Like, really hard."

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MoreGravyPleez2237d ago

Nice primer into Bloodborne! I can't wait to get into this later today!

Alexander1Nevermind2236d ago

Presently grinding to beat the 1st Game starts off like Souls game on steroids. I love this effin game.

SwiffEpics2237d ago

Looking forward to trying this out, But I know I'll die a lot.

stephburdo2237d ago

So excited to play. Great "preview", lol.

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yuukiliu2236d ago

I am dying.. A lot.. And I keep on going back for more. Incredible game so far.

Jughead34162236d ago

I beat the Cleric Beast on my 7th try. Even more of a sense of achievement than the Souls games.

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