Dragon Age: Inquisition - Jaws of Hakkon Released (Kind of)

Jaws of Hakkon adds a new area in Thedas to explore called Frostback Basin, which features forests and mountains, similar to the Hinterlands. Players will get a new story involving the fate of the last Inquisitor, and the dragon he hunted 800 years ago. It includes new enemies, armor, and weapons to discover along with an ancient Tevinter forest, some new dialogue, and even new music.

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Maxor1517d ago

Where the hell is the PS4 version?

Saijahn1517d ago

coming out at a later date.

x_RadicalAura_x1517d ago

We can wait a bit. We'll be plenty busy with Bloodborne in the meantime. :)

Corpser1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Interesting.. MS obviously paid for the timed exclusive but why is it out on PC as well?

Edit: But when they had COD DLC timed exclusives that never included PC. PC is not a MS platform, they don't get royalties on every game sold.

maybelovehate1517d ago

Microsoft is Xbox and PC. At least when it comes to DirectX based games.

UmbrellaBlimp1517d ago

I think it has to do with the EA origin service on PC.

Christopher1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

End of April from the article.

Should note, MS held it back from the 360 as well in the deal for exclusivity. Seems weird to do that.

UmbrellaBlimp1517d ago

It's not weird. They want focus on their next gen system more so than their last. It's business.

Christopher1517d ago

@UmbrellaBlimp: It's weird because it would be the core game itself that would get a person to jump from 360 to XBO, not the DLC to a game they more than likely own. Sure, it's business. But, it's not smart business.

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voodoopickle1517d ago

Im pretty sure I can wait a month. Maybe I would care if it was a year, but this way they can iron out all the bugs and we will get a better version.

Silly Mammo1517d ago

Glad my character is level 22.

Immorals1517d ago

Enjoyed the 6 hour trial, may have to pick this game up! Maybe once my backlog is less than 8 games..