Top five 2015 games that will most likely be delayed until 2016

The top five 2015 videogames that will most likely be end up being delayed until 2016.

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Summons751517d ago

I highly doubt Zelda and Halo will get delayed. The rest sure, though I haven't heard of Rime, Just Cause 3 will probably to take advantage of early new year lulls and to not cannibalize the sales of Mad Max and No Man's Sky will probably as well if the game is as big as what developers are promising. Halo is MS major franchise and the game they NEED to get some sales for the xbox and Nintendo has said multiple times that Zelda is very much on track to release this year. Unless something catastrophic happens to both of those development schedules, there is no way either will get delayed. I can see Star Fox getting delayed having them showing absolutely nothing of the game but promising it this year.

Jaqen_Hghar1517d ago

So the ones that AREN'T on Playstation. What a coincidence...

RosweeSon1517d ago

No man's sky ps4 is it not?

poppinslops1517d ago

It's no coincidence - Sony have a habit of announcing games well before they're ready (Planetside 2, Driveclub, the Order, Uncharted 4 and everybody's favourite - The Last Gaurdian)... Rime and No Man's Sky are just two more examples of this.

There's no way Microsoft won't release Halo before Christmas... Nintendo might consider delaying Zelda, but I doubt it (they'd been working on it well before it was announced).

Jaqen_Hghar1516d ago


Sorry can't let you get away with that one.

Who announced LBP3 and Bloodborne less than a year before release? Who announced Crackdown, Phantom Dust, and Scalebound WAY out before release with nothing but a CGI trailer just to TRY to appear to be equal when they won't release until at LEAST early 2016 (most likely late)? MS lately has been showing stuff far further out from release. Sony has "delays" before they announce release dates and show stuff closer to release while maintaining secrets and having quick turnarounds ever since they learned their lesson with TLG. Your argument is invalid.

freshslicepizza1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

won't be surpised if nintendo delays zelda but i think of all those games that would hurt them the most. microsoft will likely push halo out even if it's not done because they want november and care so much about the later months. it would be wise to spread their aaa games earlier but they dont seem to want to. just cause 3 not enough has been shown which is a telling tale it will be delayed. rime is the other game i dont think they will delay. no mans sky will be out in 2016, its become a huge project and they are still unclear what the game will be.

pivotplease1516d ago

Jaqen makes a valid point. Sony might be turning over a new leaf. We haven't even had explicit info on what MM, Guerilla, Santa Monica, and Quantic Dream are up to. It's been enough time actually that we could expect another announcement from Sucker Punch for a 2016 game.

Protagonist1514d ago (Edited 1514d ago )


Time to serve them Crow ;))))

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joab7771517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

It all depends on Bethesda ' announcement too. CoD and AC WILL launch and despite their lull, will eat into the market. Add MGS5, Persona 5, and Battlefront, and there won't be much room left. Halo will launch no matter what b/c it sells consoles too.

We have to remember that Batman, The Witcher 3 and the Division will also be out, and they are huge AAA games. Destiny will have something new too.

But, the real kicker is if Bethesda announces Fallout 4 for Oct/Nov. That will change everything!!

pivotplease1516d ago

Its true. Bethesda's game will be goty material if it releases. I personally have no time for batman. Guys had the most unjustified hype train behind him for too long. The witcher 3 I could understand though. And Rock Band 4 could see a once stale genre revitalized.

roboshort1516d ago

Yeah.. Zelda is a title that Nintendo needs to get out by the holiday season. I am pretty sure they know that.

medman1516d ago

You mention you doubt Halo 5 will be delayed but I say this....343 cannot afford a fiasco with Halo 5 the way they let gamers suffer with unplayable multiplayer in Halo MCC. Halo 5 must operate nearly flawlessly whenever it if it's not ready for holiday 2015, better to delay than to launch broken, that's for dead sure. I don't like when games get delayed, but if it's from a quality developer with a history of releasing great content, i.e. a Naughty Dog, Bioware, Valve, Bethesda, etc. etc., I can more than live with the delay because I know the final product will be high quality.

Summons751516d ago

That's is true but I'm sure one multiplayer they already know how to make and from beta reactions have done extremely well so far is much easier than mixing 3 very different online modes while bringing one over to console for the first time ever and modernoizing them all while making sure they feel the same but you can jump between them. I think MCC online was a bite bigger than they could choose. It's MS heavy hitter like Zelda is Nintendo's. They will do everything in their power to make sure it can come out on time if its read

jb2271515d ago

That is a good point, but if history is anything to go by, Halo 5 will release broken or not. Halo MCC was announced very close to release, was obviously broken, and still not delayed. The title could've definitely benefitted from an understandable delay, but MS is so married to that Holiday release frame that they won't allow anything to be moved from it. I wonder how Rise of the Tomb Raider will fare this season after a relatively quick turnaround from the last title, but that's another title that will ship for the holidays no matter what (unless MS pushes it to directly compete w/ Uncharted). Sony gave Driveclub a full year before being forced into release, they also allowed The Order, which was their flagship Holiday title, to slip into the beginning of a new year, same for Uncharted. People might be upset about Sony's titles seeing so many delays, but I'd take a handful of delays on the calendar over highly anticipated titles being broken & buggy on release.

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wakeNbake1517d ago

I would add the division and Rainbow 6 siege to that list.

OpieWinston1517d ago

Over saturation with shooters? That's never stopped Halo before. And if anything they'd just have a short public beta for stress testing.

Bathyj1517d ago

Hmm, not a bad list and good reasons given. I would hope Rime would be out this year, seems like I've been waiting forever since that was announced. But the lack of any information or footage is troubling so I could see it happening. Same with No Mans Sky and Just Cause as well given the size of the team and Mad Max thing respectively.

I dont see Halo slipping but. MS will need that out before Christmas if its to have any hope of clawing back some lost ground. End of the year is where they make there money so I think it will release no matter what state its in. They did it with Master Chef collection, they will do it again. Or maybe it will just be finished and polished and have no reason to slip. Either way its coming out 2015.

BitbyDeath1517d ago

Rime hasn't been announced for this year yet, bit hard to delay something without a release date no?

pivotplease1516d ago

It doesn't look like the kind of game that needs a delay. But I thought the same about The Witness and that's been in Limbo.

slappy5081517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

Yeah Rime is the one game I really want to play on this list. I hope for a 2015 release.

And the likes of Jamie Oliver Jamie Oliver must be pleased to see a Master Chef collection released on Xbox :p

Metallicube1517d ago

I definitely don't see Zelda making it for this year, considering how open world it is likely going to be. As long as it's a solid game though, I can wait until 2016.

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