Jaws of Hakkon Gameplay | Dragon Age: Inquisitions

Professor Bram Kenrick of the University of Orlais has sent word to the Inquisition. He believes a remote area known as the Frostback Basin could hold secrets beneficial to both academic research and the Inquisition itself. Further Investigation is Warranted.

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Maxor1523d ago

Super pissed about this not being available on the PS4. Guess I'll have to be play Bloodborne for now.

But can this DLC be played before completing the campaign?

orakle441523d ago

I believe its just suggested that you should be over level 20.

XboxCulture1523d ago

Yes, Level 20 is the level your party should be if you plan on having fun and not getting destroyed.

<s> But by all means go in at Level 10 haha </s>

WizzroSupreme1523d ago

This looks sweet. Can't wait to play it.