New Gaming PC - Build-i7-4790k Devils Canyon

A look at one of our members @Gaming Troopers new PC Build

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ShottyGibs1518d ago

Wow /s.. How's this news? Another 4970k build by some kid in his bedroom. I love PC gaming and building as much as the next guy but how this made it to news is beyond me.

TheGavofWar1518d ago

Hi I wasnt aware I had placed it in news, apologies if I have, still getting used to submitting here. I thought I had placed the article in tech, pc etc.

We like to give our members an opportunity to show us what they have been working on or doing recently. Not everyone has superb state of the art recording equipment.

The reason this has made it to an article is that we at My Games Lounge are interested in what our members are doing :)

Thanks for taking the time to comment.

Would also be very interested to see if you have any builds as I like yourself also find builds and PC gaming very interesting.