Bloodborne Review-In-Progress - It's Not Souls, but it's Distinctively 'From Software' | COG

COG writes - We haven't had enough time with Bloodborne yet to give it a final review but after 20 hours of gameplay we feel confident in giving you our early impressions. We might be jumping the gun here but it might already hit the short list for game of the year.

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Blastoise2237d ago

Someone else who thinks it's a GOTY contender!

XB1_PS42237d ago

Yeah there's no doubt in my mind that come time to vote for GOTY, this will be in the top 3 spots to vote for at least. That's if something great comes out before then. If not, this won.

Software_Lover2237d ago

I liked Ninja Blade. I liked all of the "From Software" games during the ps2/xbox era.