Petition to Bring Bloodborne to PC Claims From Software “Betrayed” Gamers

CraveOnline: "A Change.org petition to bring Bloodborne to the PC has nearly garnered its required number of signatures, with its creator claiming that developer From Software has “betrayed” PC gamers by releasing their latest title exclusively on the PS4."

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lelo2play3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )


I agree.
Since Sony produced the game, I highly doubt it will come to the PC. Sony's single player games very rarely reach the PC.
If it was Microsoft, maybe it could get released on the PC.

Those are not single player games.

"Sony's single player games very rarely reach the PC."

ThunderPulse3354d ago


Death3354d ago

Bloodborne isn't single player though. There is a co-op and PvP mode.

With Sony selling off Sony Online Entertainment I doubt we will see much PC support if any though.

Aloy-Boyfriend3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )


It doesn't have to do anything with being SP or MP. Those games listed above were made by SOE, which they were PC first guys even thought they were owned by Sony. Those games would have never been released on the Bone with Sony as SOE parent, but now they aren't, and they will release games on Xbox.

What Lelo basically tried to say is that Sony doesn't release PS4 games on PC. Seriously people, get all the consoles if you don't want to feel ''Betrayed.''

yewles13354d ago


Those aren't Sony anymore.

imt5583354d ago



blitz06233354d ago

The funny part is if the game didn't get great reviews there would be no such petition. You'd just hear 'you console gamers can keep that garbage'

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MysticStrummer3354d ago

@ThunderPulse - Those games were on PC first and made by the former Sony Online Entertainment.

OT - lol @ "betrayed".

Gamer19823354d ago

Also those games were SOE although Sony in name they were NOT Sony games just backed by Sony they were more 3rd party than 1st.

JasonKCK3354d ago

"Those aren't Sony anymore." I'm not sure but I think that was his/her point.

nX3354d ago

Hillarious, seems like people have no idea how these things work. As long as the intellectual property belongs to Sony, you will never see this game on any other platform. You can either keep dreaming or just buy a PS4 if you want to play it.

starchild3354d ago

I have Bloodborne for my PS4 and it is a fantastic game. I'd definitely prefer to play it on my PC, but it's not available there. It is what it is.

That said, I don't condone this behavior among the platform holders. I don't agree with Microsoft buying timed exclusivity to Rise of the Tomb Raider, nor do I agree with Sony buying exclusivity to a third party game in a popular, former multi-platform series.

Sure, Bloodborne has a different name and setting along with some gameplay differences, but for all intents and purposes it's a spiritual successor in the Souls series. It's going to appeal to most of the same people. Now, instead of From Software's forth Souls-like game being able to be enjoyed by gamers on the platform they enjoyed the Dark Souls games on it's locked to only one platform due to an exclusivity deal.

Still, I don't feel betrayed, I simply don't agree with the practice of console makers buying exclusivity to third party games.

morganfell3354d ago (Edited 3354d ago )

Sony didn't buy exclusivity for Bloodborne. If the game was being made and paid for by From Software and Sony said, "Hey, we will pay you to make that exclusive or timed exclusive" then I would agree to your point. That isn't the case with Bloodborne. Bloodborne would not have been made had Sony not put forward the development funds.This was cooperative development paid for by Sony and their involvement with Miyazaki began before development commenced.

mikeslemonade3354d ago

I think it comes to PC in 3 years. That's just my prediction. It's great to have exclusives over multiplatform. The load times would be even better on the PC. However I will be playing BB2 by then!

bmf73643354d ago

Even so, those games listed are from what used to be Sony Online Entertainment. They're third party now and took their IP's with them.

mep693354d ago

Technically not a single player game.

Sevir3354d ago

Lol. PC gamers pipe down. The game isn't being made solely by From Software. It's an IP owned by Sony Computer Entertainment , Sony Japan formed a relationship with From Software to create bloodborne. That partnership was forged when Sony Japan and From Software co developed Demon's Souls. It's the same thing.

The whole reason why Dark Soul's exist is because of Demon's Souls surprise popularity.

If you PC gamers want to fund a Dark Souls 3 go buy Dark Souls 2.

LordMaim3354d ago

@mikeslemonade: It will probably take as long as it did for Demon's Souls to come out for PC.

SnakeCQC3354d ago

Ms doesnt really care for pc gamers otherwise the halo collection would be out. Sony has a ton of games like hiz1 that are only on pc atm.

k3rn3ll3354d ago

SCEA is different than SOE.

Planetside, DC Univers, and Everquest are SOE games. Those games were developed specifically for PC and is why they are there and sometimes come to PS.

SOE almost always are restricted to PS platforms. I cant think of any off the top of my head but there are a couple.

Also- Bloodborne is a multiplayer game as well. Just not a online only multipplayer game like the others

It's funny because for years alot of PC gamers complained about MS keeping exclusives exclusive to Xbox and not coming to windows. Now that almost all of their exclusives are coming to PC at some point people complain about games NOT being exclusive to xbox. Its a damned if you do damned if you dont situation. Like so many things in this industry are.

AliTheSnake13354d ago

And half of them will pirate it.

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UltraNova3353d ago (Edited 3353d ago )


"I don't get why PC gamers think they make everything better because you can mod PC games."

You forgot the "my GPU is bigger, badder, stronger than yours" statement...


BB has more in common with Demons (a ps3 exclusive)than it has with DS if its any help to you. And I don't recall you 'expressing your feelings' about Sunset Overdrive's identical deal.