Dead or Alive 5: Itagaki Gives Advice To Team Ninja On How To 'Save Our DOA'

Itagaki continues to be a firebrand after all these years.

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plsburydoughboy1966d ago

If you guys miss the Itagaki that said the most outrageous things in the late 90s/early 2000s, you should read this.

AngelicIceDiamond1966d ago

OMG Itagaki-san just returned to the series its clear he wants to since he keeps talkin about it.

Itagaki-san returns for Dead Or Alive 6 releasing in 2017.


masterfox1966d ago

add bouncing nipples he would recommend

plsburydoughboy1966d ago

He was actually OK with many of the changes to the game, including deemphasizing the triangle system (throws vs holds vs strikes) and the realistic art style.

he doesn't like the costumes, or the name of the soft engine, and of course, the poor PS4/Xb1 launches

bunt-custardly1966d ago

Team Ninja are officially suffering from the "triple bind" or should that be "nipple bind"?

Me confused?

DualWielding1966d ago

Why would DOA need saving seems to be more popular than ever

jackmamma1966d ago

I like Itagaki but DOA was never that great of a fighting game to begin with. I prefered Soul Caliber or Virtua Fighter

dcj05241966d ago

DOA is my facilitate fighting series behind mortal kombat. It's fantastic.

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The story is too old to be commented.