The Next 6 Months of PC Gaming, What to Expect.

It's been a busy year for gamers so far, so Resonance Gaming decided to spend several hours generating a report of what you should expect over the next 6 months of PC gaming. Includes Game Genre Distribution, Game Release Date Changes, Minor \ Major Distribution and Publisher Percentage Distribution. Presented in easy to read charts.

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Wayward3964d ago

Hi! Dan here. I spent alot of today generating this report, but welcome feedback good or bad. Let me know what you think, here in the comments.

RGming3964d ago

I hope sport does not become to popular on the PC. It's a console genre, just like RTS is a PC genre. It would be a shame to see more games that don't sell.

Danny_N3964d ago

There is plenty of sports games that could work well on the PC. For example sports simulations. Don't think of sports games as just kicking a ball or playing golf.

TheIneffableBob3964d ago

The sports manager games are extremely popular on the PC.

Wayward3964d ago

Really? I must be honest, I've never once played one. Then again I'm not into sports at all.

TheIneffableBob3964d ago

Yep. The Worldwide Soccer Manager games have quite a loyal following and sell a good amount of copies. The 2005 release was SEGA Europe's fastest selling game ever.

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