Halo 5: Guardians - New images show Master Chief face to face with Locke

Z-Giochi found new images which put face to face the two protagonists of Halo 5: Guardians: Spartan John-117 and Agent Locke. Moreover, thanks to the source code of the official page for HuntTheTruth, Z-Giochi found both renders of the two characters, both the destroyed Master Chief helmet.

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iNFAMOUZ11520d ago ShowReplies(5)
DivoJones1520d ago

"Finish".. nobody stops at #5 in a series. Soooo Halo 6 coming in 2017!

peowpeow1520d ago

Fringe finished at S5 :D

Shelkm1515d ago

I think the main Halo games are closer to a 3 year in-between period, but I would expect a mini game that tells a side story within that time.

Allsystemgamer1520d ago

The fight was finished in halo 3. Then another one started.

just_looken1520d ago Show
skydragoonity1520d ago

Since 343 took over halo from bungie.. Halo hasn't felt like halo.. I'll still play it anyway.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1520d ago

Exactly, but I'll still play it even though 343 sucks. I can't miss out on Chief's story.

etownone1520d ago

I wouldn't say it suck...

Halo 5 graphics and storyline were great....

But, the soundtrack of Halo 5... That really really sucked. Definitely didn't feel like Halo with that cheesy soundtrack.

bratman1520d ago

@ etownone

I think you meant Halo 4 :D

unless you're a wizard or something...

1520d ago
vastolorde6661520d ago

343 halo won't feel like a bungie halo thats for might be good,great,even better or worse but one thing for sure,they won't feel the same.whether you like it or not,fanboy or not....unless you only praise a game for the title it holds and not the content...might as well label cod halo and it'll sale or just cause label it uncharted...

Scottyxboxoneandps41519d ago

343 are are ex bungie devs so....

Paytaa1520d ago

343 in my opinion breathed new life into Halo. I'm glad Bungie did their own thing because they obviously weren't interested in the series after Reach. 343 are passionate about Halo and if you watched any ViDocs or interviews, they are fans just like you and me. Story-wise, Halo 4 was the strongest in the series and Halo 5 is destined to top that along with having the best multiplayer since Halo 3.

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