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GR-UK writes: "From Software's latest creation combines some of the strongest elements of its predecessors, while still convincing us with its own style and fresh ideas."

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Gamer19821520d ago

The UK version of the site gives a much more respectable score as it gets the most hits and has a magazine.

ContinuePlay1520d ago

Says person who hasn't played the game.

Besides, there's nothing wrong with going against the grain and not liking a game, as long as you're being honest with your opinion. Since when did it become a crime to break from consensus?

G20WLY1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Sadly, going against the consensus gets you noticed, gets you more hits and gets you talked about.

Look how many people wanted to know why the foreign site gave Bloodborne 7/10 when the lowest we've seen from the usual reviewers is 9/10.

Whether that reviewer's opinion is real or not will always be in doubt, simply because unscrupulous reviewers abuse the system to feather their nests. Fanboys of either side flock to reviews outside of the consensus. They know this and use it. Sadly, this means his opinion will be swept aside by the BB fans and championed by the haters, regardless of credibility or valid points raised.

That's why you're better off trying a game yourself (via SharePlay, perhaps) or only listening to the reviewers that have proven in line with your views repeatedly in the past.

To be honest, the reviews mean little to me, since I'd already decided to buy it based on the beta and what I'd learned about the game since. :)

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Toiletsteak1520d ago

So people have to have the same opinion on a game otherwise they are wrong if they don't like it as much as you.

Gamer19821520d ago

gotta love the salty replys and disagrees. Grow up will ya? Theres opinions and going against the grain but we all know the other site was fishing for hits only Xbox fans disagree because they want PS4 exclusives to get low scores to find an inkling of proof they made the right decision in buying there console because ps4 having a good game somehow makes there decision of buying an xbox a bad one. GROW UP.

Toiletsteak1520d ago

Coming from the guy who gets upset because one place gave it a good review but wasn't great, people have different opinions just because it doesn't match yours doesn't mean it is wrong.

TheBrit1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )


MasterCornholio1520d ago

That doesn't make the European site any less valid.

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PowerPlayaaa1520d ago

You do know the real gamereactor is the swedish one right?

NeverHeavyMan1520d ago

So this shouldn't be taken seriously since it is, "artificial"?

TheColbertinator1520d ago

I thought it was the Norwegian one? Or the Finnish? Perhaps the Danish site? Might be the German one?

Gamereactor has several different reviewers for each country actually

GameDev11520d ago

How did you determine this? Am just curious

Is the original origin of gamereactor from sweden just like IGN is mostly associated with USA? cause it has so many versions

Benke1520d ago

Actually GR started in Denmark. Then came to Norway. Then Sweden. Followed by Finland, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Portugal in that order. It's headquartered in Denmark.

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gangsta_red1520d ago

This game is getting a lot of good reviews. I'm seeing great gameplay, great atmosphere, a good amount of game options, not to mention co-op and the graphics are really good.

A lot of reviews, critics and no name sites are scoring a game with these kind of attributes and great design high.

I'm sure the Numbered meta score will be high for this game.