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Bloodborne's world is somewhere you never want to be but also cannot stand being away from. Time not spent in its locales is instead spent thinking about them. It takes the best from both Demon's and Dark Souls, updating the combat to ensure it's at its fastest and fluid best, as well as creating the most wonderfully varied and disturbing environments. This isn’t just the best Souls game, it’s the best game on PS4.

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ArchangelMike1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

I really liked the discussion between the two guys, very analytical and presented a very good balanced view for those who might be on the fence about Bloodborne - in view of the souls series, and in relation to the difficulty. In short it's for the hardcore masochists and FROM Software have not dumbed the game down for the casuals! Yay!!!!

But be warned there are spoilers about the lore of the game between the 1:45 - 2:20 mark. Otherwise definately one of the best discussions on the game for me. I can't wait till friday!

Tex1171522d ago

Indeed, a great review.

I hope that all of this positive feedback will encourage some other players who are not well aquainted with the Souls games and/or challenging games to give this a go.

MasterCornholio1522d ago

Wow that was a very interesting video.