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BD writes: "Bloodborne is one of the most challenging games I’ve ever played. It’s also one of the most beautiful, unforgettable and rewarding gaming experiences since, well, Dark Souls II."

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garos821525d ago

Ive been looking forward to this for a long time only 3 days to go...

starrman19851524d ago

ARGH! So jealous you guys get to play it early - it's sitting on my dashboard with a countdown, I can't wait for Friday!

Beers - check
Spare pad(s) - check
Tissues for when I break down in tears from dying over and over - check

joab7771524d ago

It's everything I wanted. I usually play magic and went full skill build and I love it.

It IS the natural progression of the Souls games. And the best since DS1. Why? Because the games are best new. DS2 was still better than most because it's a Soul's game but #4 from From simply b/c it lacked the newness.

I wondered about the scaling down of loot but honestly I love focusing on the weapon you have b/c that's all I used to do anyway. And the weapon morphing is sublime.

And its gorgeous. Just gorgeous. And right off the bat, you get that Souks feeling that nothing else gives you.

Eonjay1524d ago

I came here to file a report for not having the site name only to find that... well yes, yes it does...

Well, carry on then lol.

Travis37081524d ago

And...... another good review.

Deathdeliverer1524d ago

I think some sites are giving this game 7s and lower simply to get hits and or lower the metacritic rating. Not every game is loved by every person but damn. This game is on a 9.5-10 streak.

boodi1524d ago

it's absurd that lot of people laments sites giving 7 or even 8 .. wtf .. like someone can't give a -very good- game 7 , he have to be bashed for it ?

showtimefolks1524d ago

first true blockbuster of next generation is here and i just can't wait to see how it moves the consoles and software sales

will be very interesting stat. ps4 is selling so well and now with this blockbuster what can we expect

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