Sony Hilariously Loses Bloodborne Trademark Just Before Release; They Forgot to Request an Extension

Sony seems to have become just a tad forgetful in the matter of trademarks. Just a few weeks ago they lost "The Last Guardian" due to forgetting to request an extension of the deadline for the filing of a statement of use. Hilariously, it happened again, and with Bloodborne to boot.

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WeAreLegion1518d ago

Ha. Shu needs to put some reminders on his phone or something.

They'll renew it soon.

subtenko1518d ago

Everything is hilarious or hysterical now a-days apparently, anyone else notice? :s

Naga1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

For those who do not understand how trademarks work:

Sony did not lose their Trademark (TM); they simply lost the registration.

Registering a TM does not create a TM. Nor is the process even necessary to convey the rights to use a particular mark within the trade. All that one needs to do is create a mark and use it; the registration of a TM is what essentially gives the owner of the mark a legal stamp of approval that streamlines the process of any resulting litigation and provides additional protection against unauthorized usage of one's mark.

So here, as with virtually every one of these "They Loss Dems TraydeMarkks!!11!" articles, there is virtually no substantial consequence. This lapse in trademark registration means two things: 1) you can go make a Bloodborne t-shirt, and 2) some forgetful dunce who had one job at Sony is probably going to be looking for a new one.

Orange1517d ago

@Naga And let's not forget, the original purpose of a TM is to protect the buyers of goods by insuring that they can trust the quality of the goods based on the recognition of the TM.

xer01518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Real journalists should be unbiased and untinged.

"Sony Hilariously Loses Bloodborne Trademark..."

The title of this article, garners sensation. If the editor had any self respect, he'd change the title to:

"Sony Loses Bloodborne Trademark..."

I fail to see what's funny.

Red1518d ago Show
xX1NORM1Xx1518d ago

I think the funny part is it happened in the same way and they are a huge company that should have shit like this locked down but I see what you mean I don't think its funny either I suppose it's to draw out the idiot playstation/xbox fanboys

pivotplease1518d ago

It's kind of the dualshockers way. They can't mention gameplay without saying tasty or delicious 1080p. That or saying the game looks brilliant or gorgeous or magnificent or some other adjective that tends to stretch the truth just enough for hits.

jdiggitty1518d ago

To be fair, game journalists can't write for crap. I rarely see articles that would be acceptable in a intro to journalism class. Nothing is ever proofread either

WeAreLegion1518d ago

It's funny because the game just released.

CaptainObvious8781518d ago

I'm a sony fan and even I think it's funny.

NecotheSergal1518d ago

Whether there's bias or a fanboy who hates Sony behind the article is irrelevant since it is simply a funny situation wherein, a major release that's an exclusive game on Sonys' platform has lost its Trademark - it's an Oops on their end but it's hilarious because of the Context rather than as a Jab against Sony.

And to the rest of your comment, not everyone wants to be robotic and neutral or 'Plain', sensationalism isn't always a bad or good thing but people also want to express their general mood or feeling about a situation, is the article-OP not allowed to think the situation is hilarious without being attacked for finding something inherently funny?

Silly gameAr1518d ago

Oh so you want it to have a more negative tone and don't like that headline because it's a bit lighthearted? Got you.

KilKarazy1517d ago

Abriael forgot to put "PS4 Exclusive" in the title. Sony Hilariously loses PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne Trademark Just Before Release; They Forgot to Request a PS4 Exclusive Extension


rainslacker1517d ago

I dunno about hilarious. I'd say it's more ironic...or meaningless TBH.

Syntax-Error1517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

@ Xer0, says one of 96% Sony Only people on this website. We don't expect anything else from you or the other 96% trying to defend anything anti-Sony

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Christopher1518d ago

This is no big deal at all, FYI. It's not hilarious, it's typical. Most people just refile, not file for extensions.

Lev19031518d ago

I think they were busy with playing the game than extent their trademark. Good games do make you forget things :D

chikane1518d ago

Sure Sony would lost the the trademark to the ps brand if you let them hehehe

Nah just kidding i love you Sony and ps -_-

Kiwi661518d ago

What are they doing to forget stuff like that as thats twice now that they've let the trademark for games slip


I wonder how many things you forget

Dlacy13g1518d ago

Surely he forgets many things. Then again, he isn't producing millions of dollars as a company nor is his job (as far as I can tell) one in which remembering trademark dates is a requirement.

5yb5n6u1518d ago

theyre to busy with the last guardian trademark

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