How To Play Co-Op In Bloodborne

Why die alone when you can bring in some other people to die with you? The Bloodborne Co-op is a little different from the rest of the souls games.

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UKmilitia2874d ago

that sucks,i was hoping you could just join a friends game and coop the story.

BigBosss2874d ago

I was hoping the same too! Either way, game looks amazing!

Bansai2873d ago (Edited 2873d ago )

come on guys, just put a unique password in matchmaking options, teleport to the same area ring the bell with your friend and you're golden, works like a charm.

slinky1234562874d ago

That's just not the way Fromsoftware does it for these games. It sometimes sucks but you can hook up with your friends with some effort.

BigBosss2874d ago

Who can complain though right, I mean the game is getting fantastic score regardless

christian hour2874d ago

Yeah I was expecting a similar method to dark souls, have to hand it to From Software for remaining firm on being innovative with their co op methods and its execution, even if its annoying as hell sometimes, but at least it doesnt seem as awkward to execute as their previous titles.

wsoutlaw872874d ago

Once you guys get the items needed, set the same password as each other, then you can coop the story

Muzikguy2874d ago

From what I saw while playing, it looks like you could just set up passwords that are the same. That should work right? If so, it's actually "easier" than the souls games

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Darksoulx2874d ago

What are the needed items and how to join co op with friends , can someone tell me step by step plz because I tried to get with my friend and the bell got locked and I can't call people to help me or even try again to get with my friends. -_-

dcj05242874d ago

You need insight to use the bell. Kill bosses and use certain item to use it. Once you and your friend can use bells. Use them in the same area with the same exact password.

PurpHerbison2874d ago

This game is so damn good I'm not even mad at Dark Souls 2 anymore.

SolidDuck2874d ago

Bloodborne is incredible so far. But come on dark souls 2 gets too much hate. It wasn't as good as demons or dark, but was still better than 98% of other games.

BlackTar1872874d ago

Solid is right.

It was the worst of the 3 but that doesn't mean it's not better then most games that come out.

THis series and MGS and Fallout have ruined some games for me. They are just to good.

C4RLOSx0212874d ago

does anybody wana talk on a psn party? im playing BB right now could use some tips

ThanatosDMC2873d ago

Best comment i've seen all day. Bubbles to you stranger.

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