Hideo Kojima Back in Latest Metal Gear Solid V Marketing

Perhaps the news of the death of Kojima and Konami's relationship have been greatly exaggerated, however, as Hideo Kojima has been spotted in the latest marketing for the game.

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DarkOcelet1522d ago

Its a Hideo Kojima game whether they put his name or not.

Xavior_Reigns1522d ago

That it is, Konami probably has a replacement clone though and gambling big...

DarkOcelet1522d ago

I doubt a replacement for Kojima will ever be like him. The guy is a legend.

BiggerBoss1522d ago

Konami currently has Liquid Kojima and Solid Kojima in Virtual game developing mission; they will soon be ready to overthrow Naked Kojima


breakpad1522d ago

@ BiggerBoss ha bubble up for snake -kojimas

Tiqila1522d ago

does the franchise belongs to Konami?
I can not imagine a MGS game not produced by Kojima.

DarkOcelet1522d ago

Unfortunately it belongs to Konami. So if he leaves, he leaves MGS.

UKmilitia1522d ago

yes it does but that doesnt stop he making a new series with a new guy and making it similar.

i can guarantee he had ideas that konami wouldnt allow him to actually do.

plmkoh1522d ago

Awesome choice of watch, the Seiko Digiborg is a classic.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1522d ago

It fits with the 1980's theme of the game.

morganfell1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Did anyone else see Kojima in that trailer? No?

Stating the small little Fox logo on old boxart is hardly Kojima "Back in latest Metal Gear Marketing." This is typical willing to mislead the public for the sake of some clicks. Another example of poor reporting and why attempts at game journalism are ever more pathetic. So much for the Fourth Estate.

IWasHere1522d ago

I still think that it's just a huge PR gag made by Kojima and Konami. They want to troll us. There is NO official statement by Konami that Kojima leaves Konami or Kojima Productions was excluded from Konami. The whole "erasing names" can be a joke. Remember Ground Zeroes in intro sequence where XOF logo was erased from helicopters.

Kojima trolled us often. Maybe this time it's his biggest trolling try ^^

morganfell1522d ago

There is this:


April 1st is the beginning of the new fiscal year in Japan. They have removed Kojima completely as an executive. That is not something that is manufactured for the sake of PR.

The_Sage1522d ago

April 1st? Is there anything else associated with that date?

morganfell1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

I know what you are thinking but the odds are practically nil a major corporation with numerous shareholders and millions of dollars on the line is going to make an announcement such as this for the sake of trolling the public. Such an idea flies in the face of an understanding of modern markets and particularly the mindset of Japanese businessmen.

It is the very reason I did not bother mentioning April Fools day because I thought people perceptive enough to realize that a company isn't going to make a fake announcement when people often shift thousands to millions of dollars in stock depending upon which executives are in charge of a company.

When you announced you number 1 talent is leaving and has been cut from the executive loop, what do you beleive happens to a company's value?

Do you think know one else noticed the coincidence? Personally I do not believe it is what you think. I remarked on this very thing a week ago. To believe that is the reason, a joke by Konami and Kojima, is a very shallow take on what is occurring.

Have you seen what happened to Konami stock in the past month? Do you realize how much money was lost? You do not screw investors for a joke.

April 1st is not only the beginning of the Japanese fiscal calendar year but it is also the first day of the first available month after this entire Konami/KojiPro situation exploded.

The_Sage1522d ago (Edited 1522d ago )

Holy hell... I was just screwing around with you and you went full tilt rant, veiled insults included. I have thought that Kojima (If I use Swype to spell Kojima it spells Higgins. Lol) was leaving as soon as I heard that Metal Gear was going open world. Something felt way off about that...

To be honest, the only reason that I worry that Kojima is leaving is for the fate of Silent Hills. Even though I am a big Metal Gear fan (I have all of them except Portable Ops) I am much more exited about the collaboration between Hideo and Del Toro on Silent Hills than I am The Phantom Pain. A new Z.O.E.will probably never happen either, if Kojima leaves, but there could be an up side...

I would love to see Kojima start his own company so we can see more of his vision beyond Metal Gear. Imagine what he would come up with given no restrictions.

morganfell1519d ago

I believe you may have been replying to me though it was misplaced in the forum. I did not go full tilt but rather rewarded you with the facts and common sense necessary to eliminate any doubt. After all, with the mountain of evidence already avaiable you still insisted upon taking that very tack.

My remark about thinking people perceptive enough was simple honesty. If that stings somewhat how is it my fault if you tossed common sense and simple knowledge out the window when posting?

The other item that may have offended you is "shallow take" and those not looking at the facts and realism of the business world are employing that exact technique. They are not looking deep enough and thus their reasoning is based upon the surface of things. It is shallow. One might also mention it is tinged with unrealistic hope. What sort of response was warranted when such knowledge and common sense is readily available yet the sole remark a person can make is of an uninformed nature and flies in the very face of reality?

As regards the hammering nature of my reply, when a nail pops up on your deck and you fail to drive it down with a sufficient number of forceful blows it will inevitably pop up again.