Bloodborne/Gametrailers Review

The new game from Dark Souls director Hidetaka Miyazaki.

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BigBosss1523d ago

9.6 hell yeah!! xD Can't wait to pick up the game tomorrow!

guitarded771523d ago

It's still raining 10's. The new-gen is finally starting. Honestly, I was pretty bored so far. This kinda reminds me of when MGS4 came out for the PS3... that kinda started the avalanche of great games for the PS3. Can't wait for UPS tomorrow.

Ezz20131523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

It's amazing how most of the time a Playstation exclusives get called "One of the best ever or the Game of the gen"

games like TLOU,Uncharted 2,MGS4,SOC,Demon Souls,GOW3 etc and now Boodborne
TLOU alone won more awards than any game on the planet and Uncharted 2 was close too

this just tell you that most of Sony Studios are on a league of their own

bouzebbal1523d ago

i agree!
This is one of the reasons i prefer gaming on PS consoles. Looking quality before everything.
Games are coming, i just need to find time to play them all.

Lev19031523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

@Ezz2013 from software and konami is not a Sony Studio ;)

But Naughty dog is one of the best, if not the best studio of the industry.

WelkinCole1523d ago

Speak for yourself. I was rocking with Resistance on launch day.

Continued with RC tools of destruction then Heavenly Sword then Uncharted. Uncharted was the one where I went, this is it this is next gen.

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TheColbertinator1523d ago

GT really dug into Bloodborne here

Travis37081523d ago

Those 9's and 10's just keep coming :p

Haru1523d ago

Omg this game is getting to so many 9's and 10's no xbox one exclusive got so many high scores, it's official PS4 has the highest rated exclusive on the market right now!! : D

KwietStorm1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

Yea. So?

You seem more excited that it's outclassing Xbox games, than it just being a good game on it's own.

lunatic00011523d ago

So true...its like people care more that it has better reviews than an Xbox game than if the game is awesome and in this case....its awesome...I can't wait!!!!

PudgeyBurrito1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

It's more so the reaction to the everyday actions that Xboners conjur like FPS over Res or SDK's, DX12, The Cloud, Secretary sauce etc. Up till this point.. "PlayStation has no games" or indie station even though it has the highest games count of this gen and now the highest rated exclusive and maybe even game overall. That said.. Gaming is about the games yes but people are also passionate about their choices. You and everyone else will triumph games on the opposite platform until something comes along like this and then your all logically coy. It's hard not to shovel it right back in the face of ignorants really. Anyway off to play BloodBourne.. Cheerio

hulk_bash19871523d ago

How about its a great game period, in its own right. No need to bring up the Xbox One. On topic, I can't wait to pick up my copy tomorrow. Bloodborne FTW.

ltachiUchiha1523d ago

I understand your excitement but no need to bring other system exclusives into this. Besides Ori had good reviews too. Enjoy your games on whatever platform u prefer.

Silly gameAr1523d ago

I wish people would stop mentioning the X1 in Bloodborne articles. MS has nothing to do with this game.

nix1523d ago

Stop bringing Xbox all the time. please.

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dafegamer1523d ago

woo game of the generation contender

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