Bloodborne Reviews Call It Frustrating, Beautiful, Brilliant Masterpiece; Best PS4 Game Yet

From Software's PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne releases today. Shortly after the embargo was lifted, reviews started pouring in from every corner of the world.
And if all those reviews had a singular voice, this is what they would be saying: "Bloodborne is the best PS4 game, yet."

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DarkOcelet1359d ago

The game will surely be a classic.

chrismichaels041359d ago

Bloodborne just set the bar pretty high for the rest of 2015.

DarkOcelet1359d ago

Yeah, very few games will get that score.

The Witcher 3
Arkham knight
Zelda U
Xenoblade X
Halo 5
Persona V

Those are the only ones that will come close to that score.

TheFutureIsBlue1359d ago

Yep. When we look back at the release of PS4, Bloodborne will be brought up, that's for sure. A great way to start the year for Playstation! Can't wait to play it tomorrow!

HRoach6161359d ago

Yep I mostly agree. I wouldn't think of bloodborne as a release title though personally. PS4 has been out for well over a year now. But I've had mine since release. So maybe that's just me.

badz1491359d ago

just like how we look back at MGS4 as one of the best release on the PS3

AngelicIceDiamond1359d ago

Yep, this is what I wanna hear.

crazytechfanatic1359d ago

I'm really really sad that From Software isn't bringing Bloodborne to PC :(

A show of hands please, all those who would have loved a PC version too.

dafegamer1359d ago

you can't be salty at all. Sony greenlit and helped developing the game. Sony Japan Studios x From software collab

Benjammin251359d ago

Sony published the game and Japan studio helped develop it. It's not coming to PC. Just get a PS4 man. It's not like it's ridiculously expensive and there are plenty of great games on the horizon for it.

crazytechfanatic1359d ago

Actually, with a PS4 Slim so close, I'm simply waiting it out.

DragonKnight1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

I'm frickin' glad that the PC and its Cheat Engine abusing scrubs aren't getting this game. Bringing the Souls games to PC was the absolute worst thing to happen to the community ever. It brought along a bunch of cry babies that complained about literally every weapon or spell they could, and turned the PVP into a hacker's paradise. When you see a guy punching Fire Snake Pyromancy and jumping 100 feet in the air, or back stabbing you from Majula into the Final boss fight room of the game, you have to call B.S. on that and there's only one place where stuff like that is happening.

The PC community ruined the PVP scene of the Souls series and I personally couldn't be happier that they won't have a chance to do the same to Bloodborne.

Sorry if it sounds selfish of me to say that, normally I wouldn't want games to be kept away from people (I'm personally disappointed I don't get to play Ori and The Blind Forest myself), but I'm thinking about the integrity of the game this time.

**EDIT** I love how I got a disagree literally in seconds after posting this comment.

nix1359d ago

i would have loved Ori on PS4.

badz1491359d ago


sounds like you have experienced Dark Souls on pc but why are you even disappointed about Ori? it's on PC too, you know.

uth111359d ago

Ori is on PC. I might even pick it up there

freshslicepizza1359d ago

how does that effect your game on the ps4? it doesn't. just another rant that has no bearing at all about your own enjoyment and more to do with your own self-serving needs which of course is to keep things on the ps4. there is also nothing stopping you from playing ori on the pc but you've made it evidentially clear you have no respect at all towards the pc platform or the community.

sony will not port this to the pc and it has everything to do with moving hardware and nothing to do with cheats or hacks. sony has shown time and again they want to show off the hardware and if they port the games to the pc that marketing goes away very quickly because then we would see how the pc version can be played with higher frame rates and higher resolutions and sony wants no part of that. they and the community would rather keep them exclusive so they can continually beat the same drum of how the hardware is superior to other consoles.

this looks to be the first must have exclusive for the ps4 and sony would be very wise to keep it exclusive and they will.

DragonKnight1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

@Both people saying Ori is on PC: I know, but my PC is shite. Trust me when I say I can't play it. I may know about Dark Souls issues on the PC, doesn't mean I played it on PC.

@moldybread: The Souls series of games are affected across the board by the community in a big way. Dark Souls 2 is the best example of this, but it occurred with Dark Souls 1 too. In both Dark Souls 1 and 2, the presence of PC gamers and their Cheat Engine ways eventually made it into the console versions. In Dark Souls 1 I faced people with invisible bodies but a visible head who were immune to damage, people with infinite stamina and spell castings wielding Karmic Justice like a cast instead of how it's supposed to be used, and people who were able to circumvent the measures against the Dragon Head glitch and would machine gun firebombs or poison daggers and stunlock me to death.

Then there's how much the PC community whined about spells and weapons and such in Dark Souls 2 which caused so many damn patches nerfing stuff it was ridiculous. In short, any bad apple of the community affects the game for EVERYONE. Trust me, console gamers affected the game for the PC community too.

BTW, whoever said anything about Sony's reasons for not porting it anywhere else? I said I'm glad it's not coming to PC because of cheats and hacks, I never said anything about that being the reason Sony isn't doing it so stop trying to read between lines. You're not good at it.

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Bathyj1359d ago

So do Sony own this IP? From Software are basically commissioned to make it, its not actually their game if I understand that right. Theyre just hired to do a job.

If thats true, Sony own the game and all future games as well, no matter who theyre developed buy.

Anyone know?

yewles11359d ago

That's exactly it. Sony does own the IP just like Sony owns Demons Souls.

Droppedez1359d ago

Dark Souls 1 and 2 were almost unplayable on PC because of all the hackers, every time someone entered my game I would give up because I rarely found a legit player who wasn't cheating.

ArchangelMike1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )


I don't know whatyou;ve heard, but there's no PS4 slim on the horizon yet, not with current sales momentum to the PS4. You'll be waiting at least unitl holiday 2016 for that - which is too long to wait to play Bloodbourne ;)

And yes - bloodbourne is a TRUE PS4 Exclusive!

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JRobes1359d ago

a review about the reviews of the game within 4 hours of the embargo being lifted? ok...
congrats to the devs, this is one game I'll unfortunately be missing out on.

emilijo7771359d ago

BLOODBORNE - highest rated game of the year

crazytechfanatic1359d ago

I'm glad that nobody is calling it "overrated."

Ezz20131359d ago

they already calling it that
Fanboys are the worst thing that happened to gaming

everything that's not on their console of choice is overrated

dafegamer1359d ago

oh the salty fanboys will :)

Ch1d0r11359d ago

So glad its getting a couple of 100's from certain outlets. And take in mind most of these reviews were done with out being invaded or coop. Dont know if you can get invaded, no one really talked about it.

TripC501359d ago

True, but it's like.. March. Defiantly deserving though looks fantastic.

MasterCornholio1359d ago

Pretty much. It truly is an amazing experience and anyone whose a fan of the Souls franchise should pick it up.

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Ch1d0r11359d ago

Game of this console generation & GOTY

DragonKnight1359d ago

GOTY yes. GOTG, can't say that yet. What if Bloodborne 2 comes out and eclipses the first game, or some game even better comes out?

Ch1d0r11359d ago

Im just hyped, hope you enjoy the game.

jriquelme_paraguay1359d ago

Demon's Souls 2 first please.

DragonKnight1359d ago

@Ch1d0r1: Oh I intend to. I plan on streaming it on Twitch so I can make some videos for my subscribers on Youtube. For some reason, the Souls community has decided to join me in trolling youtube and have consistently been subscribing to my channel even when I had literally no videos for them to watch. Currently at 262 for no real reason. Thanks to the PS4's recording abilities, I can actually give something back to them and enjoy doing so as well. Definitely picking this up A.S.A.P. Hope you enjoy the game too.

@jriquelme_paraguay: That would be awesome. Sony needs to consider it since they own the I.P.

TripC501359d ago

Just to throw a wrench in the console Generation thing. It's Tied with Super Mario 3D World on metacritc at the moment 93. I'm sure it will get better though.

crazytechfanatic1359d ago

Too early to call it GOTG, right? That time will come in 2-3 years.

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