Hands-on: What a Dark Souls NOOB thinks of Bloodborne

There are two types of people in the world*. Those who relish the challenge and skill needed to advance through grindingly difficult games like Dark Souls, and those who really would rather play games for fun.

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Pintheshadows1524d ago

The thing is, I find the grindingly difficult games to be fun. :)

joab7771524d ago

Me too lol! It's the games without challenge that I can't play and find no fun in.

But here's my hope. The author of this article is the latter, yet he got addicted to Bloodborne. BB has the PS4 exclusive spotlight right now with very high review scores. It is #1 on twitch. DS and DS didn't have this. They released again st other big IP'S and we're immediately classified as niche and terrifyingly difficult.

BB on the other hand will be nought and/or tried by alot more gamers than its predecessors. And I believe that it will win many of them over. As they play, they will begin to see the genius of these games and become believers and wonder why they never tried the others. Yes, many will give up quickly b/c it isn't AC, and b/c we live in an age when easy reigns supreme.

But, there are so many younger gamers that didn't play Nintendo or Super Nintendo do or Sega, and missed the beauty of well designed difficulty that challenges and rewards you. Well, here you go. Bloodborne has finally arrived.

nix1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

different people. different taste, i guess though i come from the days of pre PS2.

i'm likely to buy a game with a good story rather than a MP heavy game. i'd rather have not so hard game so that i can finish the game/story and get on with my life. probably because i get really tired after a day's work and i just want something simpler. can't say the same about the "gen obsessed with hand-holding" though.

i also buy games which are different looking from the regular looking games - Braid, Journey, Escape Plan, Doki-doki, FEZ, Pupeteer, Limbo, Guacamelee etc..

i bought Order. No surprise there. Recently (like last night) i finally finished Trine 2 - The Complete Game. it's a light game with lot's of puzzles and i liked it. though it took me like 3 days. and i had no complains except i wanted it to end on the second day. i must have put 12+ hours easily. Same with Valiant Hearts.

Having said that i also enjoyed Demon's Souls, Dark Souls I & II. i've already pre-ordered Bloodborne. i surely won't be playing this second time though.

Here's to an amazing great weeks ahead for all of us.

Tiqila1524d ago

I would appreciate a hardcore mode. In any game.

foxmccloud1524d ago

I hated Demons souls at first because it was so hard. But as I kept playing and getting better it felt so satisfying to get further through it. Now it is one of my favorite games of last gen, such a rewarding experience.

Hanso1524d ago

hahha yeah same for me
i died so many times in Boleraria Castle xD

HaHa_Ostrich1524d ago

That was one hellish castle.

Insomnia_841524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Man, I've been playing since 1:30am and I'm still in that very first check point. This game is more difficult than Demons Souls for sure.

Demons Souls on steroids!

This is torture! 💀

Eyesoftheraven1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Just bought it. I remember playing the hell out of Demons Souls but not how I ever got good at it. I keep dying and losing my souls and dying again so I can't retrieve them. If that's bound to keep happening, how the hell do you progress? I don't know that the game is innately hard so much as the game mechanics dramatically slow down your ability to increase in power. Feels like I'm just wasting away the hours, not making any progress.

Skyrim on master difficulty is hard at first, but gets easier if you don't give up because you gain skill with weapon/magic use. If in Skyrim you can only gain skills by spending points which you constantly lose upon each death, then of course it would seem more difficult.

Unless I'm missing something?

MasterCornholio1524d ago

Did you know what the enemy who kills you absorbes your blood souls?

Just look for the ones with the glowing eyes.

Eyesoftheraven1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Yeah, that's why I said I keep dying and losing my souls and dying again when trying to find the guy that killed me, which prevents me from gaining my initial higher count blood points back.

Hanso1524d ago

You get much stronger by gaining experience over your enemy! Getting points in stats dont mean a shi* if you cant tell enemy patterns
Try to learn from each of your deaths and what caused it!!!

Crummybear1524d ago

Take your time bud. Slow it down to a crawl and try to draw enemies out one by one. Don't forget to stay aggressive when you're fighting though, or you'll miss out on recapturing lost health. Stay strong hunter!

higgins781524d ago

I find nothing to be gotten out of these type of games. Each his/her own. I however unlike the majority of WiiU/Nintendo hating trolls am glad of variety, not just hating on a game for not being a particular genre or style. More variety in the industry is required, not less. For me? Thank heaves for Nintendo. Both the WiiU and New 3DS offer me the games I enjoy, the reason I began and continue (midly) with videogames.

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