EGM : Bloodborne Review

Josh Harmon writes " Bloodborne is a game about slowly going insane."

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DarkOcelet2317d ago

"The Ugly: The Blood-Starved Beast, who reminds me of a girl I once dated. You’ll understand."

LOL! This is funny.

"The Bad :Chalice Dungeons, while mildly entertaining, are a shadow of what they might have been."

I think Chalice Dungeon true potential will be explored when players start generating their own.

Overall a good review.

TheColbertinator2317d ago

Chalice Dungeons sounds they can juice up the replay value in that case

joab7772317d ago

I love that they get harder and harder and you need to grind and kevel to open the next one. I read there isn't much loot, but since From can add anything to them, maybe we will get some cosmetic loot.

Personally, I think these dungeons will be amazing.

destroyerz12317d ago

GOOD. 3 minutes left here. :/

slappy5082317d ago

Just woke up and seeing all these reviews. here's your greatness right here

Miraak82 2317d ago

just installed it yay!!!! 2.69 gb update though.... enough time to make a charecter lol . always the hardest part :p

Allsystemgamer2317d ago

Took me over an hour to make mine lol. And I don't even see his face! Oh well I can see his spectacles.

Volkama2317d ago

Spectacles are apparently what I need, as the first time round I read that as "And I don't even see his face! Oh well I can see his testacles".

UKmilitia2317d ago

thats my thing making a character i make one i love and then mid game i want to change him,i take it thats not an option later on?

i liked the one we kept seeing in the videos at start so would of been happy with that.

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The story is too old to be commented.