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Is Bloodborne the best game ever, or just the second best? | Eurogamer

Created by Japanese developer From Software and directed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, Demon's and Dark Souls are two of the best games ever made - and for me Dark Souls is the greatest of all. These games re-imagined and revitalised the role-playing game from first principles, moving away from the genre's tired tropes and placing the emphasis firmly on the player's intelligence, perseverance and skill. They are games that treat the player like an adult, and so the satisfaction in progressing through their incredible worlds is simply unmatched.

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Community2276d ago
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nucky642276d ago

demon souls or dark souls1 - it's splitting hairs as to which is better - but I'm sure anxious to see how bloodborne compares to both of those souls games.

Kingthrash3602276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Loving bloodborn right now..Imo more addicting than demon and dark. And prettier to look at.
If anything what I think everyone will agree on after playing it's a darker atmosphere creepy even. You knock on one persons door and they scream at you to leave them alone in fear because of the murders happening in the street...As you make your way down the street you hear screams and growls and foot steps...then you come to a door with people partying with laughter and music. .knock on that door and they laugh because you are outside and mock you hoping you die. I can't explain it but it's awsome the little things they put into this game....and that first mini boss fight. ..dam. awsome fight you have to have almost every move mastered in order to beat him...oh and you can't even level up for the first time until you beat it. I can't count how many times I died...finally past mini boss today had it since the 19th. That's how hard it is. Or it could mean I just but I've beat hard games on hard so I can't be that sucky.

Prime1572276d ago

Between all three (series) rate them in an order that I should experience them, please?

I'm half tempted to just jump into bloodborne...

UltraNova2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )


I played Demons, DS1 and this (10hrs in). If you truly want to experience this universe and its addicting game play and you dont have frustration/anger issues go for Demon's >DS1 then Bloodborne.

If I were to pick the best I'd go with Demon's as it was the 1st game after many years I stopped playing for months out of sheer frustration but kept going back out of sheer get where this is going. BUT I'm a sucker for pretty visuals and awesome monster desings so after another 10hrs in (Bloodborne) it might take the lead as my personal favorite.

If you are not up to super hard stuff go for bloodborne which starts easy in order to introduce you slowly then picking up to DS1 levels of difficulty. Then try Demon's if you like it, plus you'll need all the experience you can get!

Xer0_SiN2276d ago

were playing a spiritual successor of a spiritual successor. with that being said, demons, darks 1, bloodborne. omit darks 2, cause its just better to play the remaster since itll be out in a few weeks anyways.

Prime1572276d ago

Thanks guys, I'll check back in tomorrow.

nucky642276d ago

me too, if I'm forced to pick - it exudes atmosphere in a way I've never experienced in any game....ever. I like the bosses better in demons too. but, from the quality of the experience, I can see an argument made for either one.
thanks for the reply.

freshslicepizza2276d ago

demon's souls is the best so far in the series but bloodborne may take its place. haven't played it and can't wait.

Xer0_SiN2276d ago

please dont get it twisted, cause im not implying which is which. just saying which should be played in order. if i had to rate the best would be demons, bloodborne (which is pretty much right there with demons), darks 1, then 2. this might change slightly when scholar of the first king comes out. if demons remasted is released, itll only widen its first place gap.

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joab7772276d ago

What a problem to have. Now we will be debating b/w 3 games b/c they are all...simply so damn good.

I give From credit too. They could have easily milked the desire for BB by releasing DS2 now and BB in 2 to 3 months. Instead they give us BB, and if for some reason, some die hard Soul's fans can't get on board (which I doubt), they have DS2 in a week or two. Any other company would have gone after our money and used our love against us. So...bravo!

And I'm furious w Games top for not having a midnight launch. Last game I got in PSN I had to wait til 3AM to play while everyone else got it at GS and was playing at 12. This time, it's reversed. So, up early and at GS when the doors open.

itsjustexuma2276d ago

Sony was the one who decided the release date not From Software

darren_poolies2276d ago

I played Demon's first but I'm definitely more of a Dark Souls fan, the level design in DS is just too incredible. Dark Souls is my favourite game of all time and Demon's is in my top five, looking forward to seeing if Bloodborne can get in there!

Tsar4ever012276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

I've known about Demon/Dark Souls for alot of years but never enough to play any of them, heard those games would REALLY challenge a gamer. But looking at some vids on the latest game, especially those creatures you fight against, I'm like Wow! Then those bosses. Love the animations of the creatures and physics of the clothes and fur/hair of the bosses.

MAN, IF ONLY We'd see a "Savage Sword of Conan" game that has the fight mechanics of Batman Arkham/Shadow of Mordor with the crazy boss creatures shown on Bloodborne with the vast open-world of Assassin Creed series. That would be glorious.

goldwyncq2276d ago

Dark Souls. Textbook example of how to make an even better sequel to an already great game.

assdan2276d ago

Dark souls is mechanocally better, but I like demon's souls atmosphere more.

madmonkey012276d ago

demons souls was better than either of the other two.

nucky642276d ago

agreed. i was only saying i could understand if anyone wanted to make an argument for dark souls1 - it's a great game.....but demon souls is the best.
i'll tell ya what - i'vee been playing bloodborne all day and I'm VERY impressed. it's very difficult and punishing....but, DAMN! is it fun!

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Sir_Simba2276d ago

Bloodborne has people falling in love and stuff.
I cannot wait.

BattleAxe2276d ago

Depends on whether you like this specific genre of game.

nucky642276d ago

or whether or not you have a ps4.

Psychotica2276d ago

Are there people with a PS4 and no controller?? I guess if it's broken..

andibandit2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

problably not, I just found it superfluous to mention you need a PS4.
This particular genre also entails Demon and Dark souls, that released on(to a varying degree):

So I dont see how liking this genre is linked to PS4.

had he said "Depends on whether you like Bloodborne" I would still disagree, since you can like a game without owning it, or the console on which it plays.

Anyways cant wait for Tomorrow

kurruptor2276d ago

andi, I think he was just trying to say that fanboys/haters probably won't think this is the greatest game ever if they don't own a PS4.

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starchild2276d ago

Yeah, if you don't like the combat and dark atmosphere I don't think you're going to be too interested in it. Luckily the combat is so good that these games keep me interested.

Kribwalker2276d ago

If I was interested in this genre then I'd buy a PS4 for it for sure. But I'm not that into it so I'm waiting

madmonkey012276d ago

at least you can play cod.

iamnsuperman2276d ago

Exactly. The high Metacritic score is encouraging but no way would I feel the same way. I just do not get the appeal of these type of games. Hence why I am not getting it

UltraNova2276d ago

"I just do not get the appeal of these type of games"

Defeat > Defeat x10> Frustration> Patience> Perseverance > Experience > Overcome defeat> Win> Addiction.

Here I summarized Souls games as best I could. If you're up to that kind of 'personal development' then this series can give it to you.

Saijahn2276d ago

not my kind of game, but i'm pleased Sony players have a game worth boasting about. Maybe they can chill out with all the hostility now.

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generic-user-name2276d ago

Hurry up Friday (stupid UK release dates)

PaleMoonDeath2276d ago

Feelin' the pain with you brother.

kraenk122276d ago

You Brits always want your special treatment and now suddenly you complain...! ;P

generic-user-name2276d ago

I'm no Brit, but we get it the same time as the UK.