GamingTrend : Bloodborne Review A Born-Again Masterpiece

Eric van Allen writes "Filled with depth, rewarding in combat, bleeding atmosphere like the lycan blood that coats the bricks of Yharnam’s old roads, there are few experiences that can compare to Bloodborne. Those who seek a truly comprehensive gaming experience need only play Miyazaki’s masterpiece and let themselves become enthralled in the hunt."

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DarkOcelet2324d ago

The game is jumping between 93 and 94 in metacritic. Keep em coming.

miyamoto2324d ago

I knew this game is 'it" first time I saw it.
Love at first sight!

TheFallenAngel2324d ago

I think the game will do 93-95 once the dust settles. Can't wait for my copy!

2324d ago
wolf5812324d ago

92.67% on gamerankings ,gamespot 9/10,egm 9,5/10 hahaa
i cant continue because i want to return to my bloodborn i am playing it for 8 hours still in first world this game is the first gem of this gen well goodnight and good nightmares trolls lol
p.s its like dark souls meets castlevania meets awesomeness
very spooky with big variety of clever enemies