Bloodborne review: A frustrating hell ride...this is what the PS4 was made for | DailyStar

Finally Sony have cracked it, a must-have exclusive game for the PlayStation 4.

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Rimeskeem1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

This game is truly a system seller.

If you have a PS4 and are ok with tougher games, get this.
If you dont have a PS4 but have the money and like tougher games, get this.

Aloy-Boyfriend1520d ago

Sony need to market the hell out of this game. It's truly a seller.

BiggerBoss1520d ago

If they marketed this game as much as they did Destiny, combined with these incredible scores, it would sell millions

Fkhalf161520d ago

They're waiting for all the reviews to come out then take scores and quotes to create another ad for bloodborne. I read it somewhere a couple of days ago.

DarkOcelet1520d ago

This game is a must have for any gamer. I feel bad for those who will be missing out on this beauty.

BiggerBoss1520d ago

Definitely. Goty contender for sure

miyamoto1520d ago

Bloodborne does on the PS4 what Resident Evil did for the original PlayStation.
Kickass, Badass, Horror game that defines a generation!

SoapShoes1520d ago

Except this game is exclusive whereas RE was on the Saturn.

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nucky641520d ago

considering this is the second successful collaboration between sony/japan and FROM, it seems like sony should consider making an offer to buy FROM.
it seems to be a partnership that works.

izumo_lee1520d ago

Actually they have collaborated since the PSone days with Kings Field series. So everytime Sony & From work with one another it is a match made in heaven.

nucky641520d ago

you're right - and I loved the kingsfield games. I didn't mention them because I didn't think many on here would remember the kingsfield series.
glad you remember - they were great for their time!

Flyingdog6701520d ago

I'm so stoked, I haven't spoiled almost anything yet so its even better c: This game is gonna keep PS4 players busy for a VERY long time

WackoDaSniper1520d ago

Wow this is unbelievable. This could be one of the best of this generation. I wasnt expecting perfect scores all over. This is insane the hype is real. This is what sony needed after a rough first 2 years of bleh exlclusives

NeverHeavyMan1520d ago

Most of their exclusives aren't really, "bleh". This is just the first, according to reviewers (many reasons I own the system), must have title for the PS4.

Majin-vegeta1520d ago

2 years of bleh exlclusives??Mehh I disagree but to each his own

November 2013-2014 1 year

November 2013-2015 2 year

Have you time traveled before all of us?

Travis37081520d ago

Yes this is the game to own!

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