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NGB wrote: "Despite the ‘attack is the best form of defence’ approach (works superbly by the way), just like the Dark Souls games that came before it, Bloodborne is an incredibly challenging yet immensely satisfying action RPG. It will beat you, kick you and laugh at you in the process, but you’ll always come back for more. Why? Because it’s your fault when you die. Because you know you can do better and take that huge boss down next time. Because you want that moment of pure, unbridled joy and stick two fingers up at the game when you’re done. Because you want to explore the desolate yet beautifully crafted world From Software has created. More than that, even with the long loading times and minor technical hitches, you simply want to keep playing an incredible game. Seriously, it will test you, but if you’ve got the skill and patience, you need Bloodborne in your life. The best PS4 exclusive so far, and an essential purchase."

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DarkOcelet1335d ago

It seems it will most likely be 92 on Metacritic. Amazing.

DigitalRaptor1335d ago

Yeah. It's 94 at the moment, but it always goes down. But there are plenty of reviews in progress from big sites like IGN, Polygon etc.

Either way, it looks like this is the best "Souls" game after all. Miyazaki... the genius.

izumo_lee1335d ago

Thank god that stevior review isn't counted cause even metacritic knows that was a ridiculous review. The cons the guy pointed out did not make sense.

He praises the challenge but complains it is which is it challenging or frustrating? Yeah loss all credibility.

NGB1335d ago

Thank you very much. I enjoyed writing about Bloodborne just as much I loved playing it. Brilliant game.

wakeNbake1335d ago

Wow universal acclaim indeed.

LegoIsAwesome1335d ago

I think it's time trollers sh*t up on making bloodborne looks bad. Ya?

wolf5811335d ago (Edited 1335d ago )

92.67% on gamerankings ,gamespot 9/10,egm 9,5/10 hahaa
i cant continue because i want to return to my bloodborn i am playing it for 8 hours still in first world this game is the first gem of this gen well goodnight and good nightmares trolls lol
p.s its like dark souls meets castlevania meets awesomeness
very spooky with big variety of clever enemies

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