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God is a Geek: Yarnham is a cursed city, a sprawling 19th century metropolis writhing in the grip of a terrifying infection. Those few citizens who still cling to their humanity barricade their homes against the onslaught of an endless night that cloaks the infected in relentless shadow. Beasts that once were men stalk the darkened streets, and only the Hunters stand against them, fighting for the people of Yarnham as their own humanity dwindles to embers.

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DarkOcelet1336d ago

I cant wait to play it. Just a couple more hours.

BiggerBoss1336d ago

If anyone needed a reason to get a Ps4, this is it

thejigisup1336d ago

What's really funny is one of my idiot friends preordered the game in full at gamestop.... He just found out its not going to work in his X1 lol now he's bummed. He's just gonna watch me play.

DarkOcelet1336d ago

LOL! Its a shame he wont get to enjoy this game. Haha.

Deadlead1336d ago

Lol bummer usually the game stop employees will ask me which console I prefer when preordering anything, EVEN exclusives. Always assumed they were obligated to ask, now I'm worried they're just typically clueless.

PaleMoonDeath1336d ago

Friday for us in the UK.. Can't bloody wait.

GameBoyColor1336d ago

My heart goes out to you and the rest of the people waiting for Friday. I'll enjoy the game for you until you get it ( T-T)

PaleMoonDeath1336d ago

Enjoy it brother, we can't wait to get in on the action!!

PR_FROM_OHIO1336d ago

Man I cant freakin wait until 2Morro my PS4 is ready!!!!!!!

thejigisup1336d ago

So many near perfect and perfect reviews this is nuts, can't wait

1336d ago
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